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Archival Collection by title:


Time Crime with H. Beam Piper (2010)
Paratime Trouble
Paratime Police Chronicles, Vol. 1
Paratime Police Chronicles, Vol. 2

Lord Kalvan Series:
Great Kings' War (1985)
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Kalvan Kingmaker (2000)
Siege of Tarr-Hostigos (2003)
The Fireseed Wars (2009)
The Hos Blethan Affair with Wolfgang Diehr (2014)
Gunpowder God (2016)
Down Styphon!

Editor of:

There Will be War (9 Volumes)
War World (4 Volumes + 2 Novels+ 1 other book)
Imperial Stars (3 Volumes)
Endless Frontier (4 Volumes)
Nebula Award Winners Sixteen
The Science Fiction Yearbook
Black Holes
Survival of Freedom
Far Frontiers
The Worlds of H Beam Piper
The Complete Paratime

The Best of Jerry Pournelle (2019)

Other Published Works:

The Ophidian Conspiracy (1975)
Pain Gain (1976)
Carnifex Mardi Gras
with Camden Benares (1982)
H. Beam Piper: A Biography (2008)
Rainbow Run
with Camden Benares (2012)
A Certain Flair for Death (2013)
Typewriter Killer (2015)

War World:

War World: The Battle of Sauron with Don Hawthorne (2007)
War World: Discovery with various authors (2010)
War World: Takeover with various authors (2011)
War World: The Lidless Eye with Don Hawthorne (2013)
War World: Cyborg Revolt with Don Hawthorne (2013)
War World: Jihad (2013)
War World: The Burning Eye with various authors
War World: The Patriotic Wars
War World: Falkenberg's Regiment

War World: Fall of the CoDominium (2019)
War World: Andromeda Flight by Doug McElwain

Terro-Human Future History:

The Cosmic Computer
by H. Beam Piper (2013)
The Merlin Gambit with Dietmar Wehr (2014)
The Rise of the Terran Federation

Space Viking Series:
Space Viking by H. Beam Piper (2011 reprint)
The Last Space Viking
with Mike Robertson (2011)
Space Viking's Throne with Mike Robertson (2012)

The Way of the Sword Worlds with Mike Robertson

Little Fuzzy Series:
Fuzzy Ergo Sum by Wolfgang Diehr (2011)
Caveat Fuzzy by Wolfgang Diehr (2012)
The Fuzzy Cunundrum with Wolfgang Diehr (tba)

Planned but unpublished anthologies Include:

Out to the Stars
High Tech Wars I and II
The Future of History

Unpublished Works:

The Belly River Riddle
Crying Clown Celebration
Eastern Passage
Labyrinth of Damour
The Pie-Eyed Piper of Hamelin House
Science Fiction as Viewed from Down Under
Surface Disturbance
The Transtemporal Man
Yellow Matter Custard



 Science Fiction Writers of America
Sticky Fingers

Digital files:
Many files are available only in digital format.  They have not been listed yet, but include correspondence relating to the publications by Carr and Pequod Press, correspondence with fans of the books, copies of books from preliminary drafts to final editions.


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