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Black Holes

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

John F. Carr (unnamed)

Orbit Books

Cover Artist: Unknown * Note this cover is the British Version

Black Holes and Other Marvels (1978) : Orbit Books 

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

Story Name                                                     Author

1. Preface                                               Unnamed
2. Black Holes and Cosmic Censors            Jerry Pournelle
3. He Fell Into A Dark Hole                       Jerry Pournelle
4. He Hole Man                                        Larry Niven
5. Fuzzy Black Holes Have No Hair            Jerry Pournelle
6. Kyrie                                                  Poul Anderson
7. Killing Vector                                      Charles Sheffield
8. The Borderland of Sol                          Larry Niven
9. Pluto is Black!                                     Robert L. Forward
10. Fountain of Force                              Grant Carrington and George Zebrowski
11. Papa SchimmelHorn’s Yang                 R. Bretnor
12. Gloria                                               Gail Kimberly
13. Singularity Mildred                             Downey Broxon
14. Two Poems                                       Peter Dillingham
    a. Cygnus X-1
    b. The Salesmen Who Fell from Grace with the Universe
15. The Nothing Spot                              Dian Girard
16. For the Lady of a Physicist                 Michael Bishop
17. The Venging                                     Greg Bear
18. In the Beginning                               Jerry Pournelle


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