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Ophidian Conspiracy by John F. Carr*

 "They had waited centuries to re-enslave humanity. At last the time had come - and it was now!"

* Part of the Friedsam Library Collection

Archival Holdings

Ophidian Conspiracy Sequel [typescript]

13 leaves


Physical Description:

Thirteen page edited selection of an untitled novel by John. F. Carr.  The original folder containing this selection featured the title “Ophidian Sequel” in black ink.  The editor of the selection is unknown, while the editor’s marks are in black ink.  Smoke damage is visible along the edges of every page.

Ophidian Conspiracy Legal Papers [typescript]


Physical Description:

Documents concerning the purchase of John F. Carr’s first novel, The Ophidian Conspiracy, by publisher Major Books. Includes signed purchase agreement, purchase vouchers, and statements concerning the book’s sales. The documents bear discolored and brittle edges from fire damage.

Ophidian Conspiracy [miscellaneous]


Physical Description:

From a folder labeled “Ophidian Conspiracy Stuff.” Includes 3 reviews for The Ophidian Conspiracy, a jacket for The Ophidian Conspiracy, 2 jackets for Pain Gain, and a flyer for Carnifex Mardis Gras.

Ophidian Conspiracy notecards [4x6 notecards]

7 cards


Physical Description:

A set of 7 handwritten notecards, signed and dated 4/27/08 by John F. Carr, “Notes for The Ophidian Conspiracy 1974.”

The Ophidian Conspiracy original manuscript [typescript]

189 pages


Physical Description:

A light blue manuscript folder containing the original manuscript for John F. Carr’s first novel, The Ophidian Conspiracy. The title page bears the novel’s original title, The Magi of Seker. A note from Carr dated 2/28/08 reads: “Rec. 1976. Original ms. for Ophidian Conspiracy with original title and copyeditor’s marks from Major Books. Corrections in black in by JFC.” The manuscript is edited extensively in pencil, red ink, and black ink.


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