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The Survival of Freedom

2001 Prometheus Award Winner for Best Classic Fiction

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

Associate Editor John F. Carr

Fawcett Crest Books


The Survival of Freedom(1981): Fawceett Crest Books

John Carr Associate Editor

Cover Artist Unknown

Story Name                                                     Author

1. Enter a Pilgrim                                            Gordon R. Dickson
2. The Measure of a Man                                   Randall Garret
3. Definitions                                                  Jerry Pournelle
4. Conditions of Freedom                                 Russel Kirk
5. Escape to the Suburbs                                  Rachel Cosgrove Payes
6. The Liberation of Earth                               William Tenn
7. Sierra Maestra                                             Norman Spinrad
8. Love is Not Enough                                      David Friedman
9. Among Thieves                                            Poul Anderson
10. The Stars go over the Lonely Ocean             Robinson Jeffers
11. The True Horrors of Soviet Internal Exile from Dissent to Docility                                                          Victor Hermann and Fred E. Dohrs
12. The Swiss Movement                                  Eric Vinicoff and Marcia Martin
13. The Jigsaw Man                                         Larry Niven
14. “Repent, Harlequin!” Said the Ticktockman  Harlan Ellison
15. Kiss them Goodbye                                    C. Bruce Hunter
16. Macdonough’s Song                                    Rudyard Kipling
17. Lipidleggin’                                               F. Paul Wilson
18. Give Me Liberty                                         Robert A. Heinlein
19. SQ                                                            Ursula K. Le Guin
20. The Right to Punishment                            Jerry Pournelle
21. The Looking Glass of the Law                     Kevin O’Donnel, Jr
22. No More Pencils, No More Books                 John Morressy                              23. The Civil Rights Dilemma                           Jerry Pournelle
24. Raid                                                         Ted D. Butler
25. Freedom in the Wake of Hegel and Marx      Stefan T. Possony
26. The Horrible History of Jones                      Gilbert Keith Chesterton
27. Identity                                                     A.E. Van Vogt
28. Defending and Extending the Freedom to Innovate                                                        John McCarthy
29. The L-5 Society                                         Robert A. Heinlein
30. Full Freedom                                             Thomas Wylde
31. Dodkin’s Job                                             Jack Vance
32. The Future of Liberty                                 Jerry Pournelle
33. Acknowledgements                                    Jerry Pournelle


Archival Holdings:

Survival of Freedom: Prometheus Award [Typescript + Magazine]


Physical Description:

An email from Mike Gross congratulating John Carr on winning the Prometheus award for Best Classic Fiction. This also includes an email of Pournelle's speak and a copy of Science Fiction Chronicle Issue 216 September 2001.


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