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Space Viking's Throne

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Cover art by Alan Gutierrez


Space Viking's Throne is the second sequel to H. Beam Piper's Space Viking written by John F. Carr and Mike Robertson. It is due to be released in the summer of 2012.



Archival Holdings:

Space Viking’s Throne Draft [typescript]


Physical Description:

A corrected draft of John F. Carr’s Space Viking’s Throne. In a note dated 2/3/2012, Carr writes, “This is the corrected second half of the novel formerly known as The Last Space Viking, which was cut on page 276. The working title for the second half is Space Viking’s Throne. All blue corrections by Dwight Decker. Additional blue check marks by JFC. This MS makes up the rough draft and now starts on p. 72 of the revised manuscript, as of 1/8/2012. (I sent Victoria’s marked up version to Alan Gutierrez so he could read it for the cover art.)”

Space Viking's Throne: Second Galley Corrections [typescript]


Physical Description:

Emails and corrections for the second galley of Space Viking's Throne.


Space Viking's Throne: Corrected Galleys [typescript]

306 leaves


Physical Description:

Corrected Galleys of Space Viking's Throne made by John and Victoria Carr. Red corrections are done by Victoria Carr while blue are done by John Carr.


Space Viking's Throne: Continuity [typescript]


Physical Description:

Space Viking's Throne Continuity emails sent from Mike Robertson to John Carr.


Space Viking's Throne: Evan Lancuur Comments [typescript]

328 leaves


Physical Description:

Space Viking's Throne corrected draft with comments by Evan Lancuur. Comments are made in black ink at various points in the text.


Space Viking's Throne: Just Testing [typescript]


Physical Description:

Space Viking's Throne assorted pages with the label "just testing". There are random included pages with black and blue marks throughout the text.


Space Viking's Throne: Master Copy [typescript]

326 leaves


Physical Description:

Space Viking's Throne master copy proofread by Victoria and John Carr. Red marks are by Victoria while black and blue are made by John Carr.

Space Viking's Throne: Published edition


Shelved in the Bishop Room.

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