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Nebula Winners Sixteen

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

withJohn F. Carr

Star Books


Nebula Winners Sixteen (1983): Star Books 

Cover Artist: Unknown *note this cover is the British version

Bantam Books (1983) Edition*

Cover Artist: Unknown



Story Name                                                     Author

1. Introduction                                                 Jerry Pournelle
2. Grotto of the Dancing Deer                            Clifford D. Simak
3. Why is there so Little Science in Literature     Gregory Benford
4. Ginungagap                                                   Michael Swanwick
5. The Unicorn Tapestry                                     Suzy McKee Charnas
6. 1980: Whatever Weirdness Lingers                  Michael Glyer
7. Rautavaara’s Case                                          Philip K. Dick
8. 1980: The Year in Fantastic Films                     Bill Warren
9. The Ugly Chickens                                         Howard Waldrop
10. What did 1980 Mean?                                   Algis Budrys
11. Secrets of the Heart                                    Charles L. Grant

* Part of the Friedsam Library Collection


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