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  Far Frontiers

Created by Jerry Pournelle

Managing Editor John F. Carr

Senior Editor Elizabeth Mitchell


Far Frontiers (January 1985) : Baen

Cover art: Michael Carroll


Story Type                                            Author


The Boy From the Moon                                                 Rivka Jacobs

Pride                                                                            Poul Anderson

Short Stories

The Warm Space                                                            David Brin

Brain Salad                                                                    Norman Spinrad

Goodbye, Dr. Ralston                                                      Damon Knight

Lost in Translation                                                           Dean Ing

Through Road No Whither                                               Greg Bear

Table Manners                                                                 Larry Niven

Speculative Fact

A Step Farther Out                                                           Jerry Pournelle

The Jefferson Orbit                                                          Ben Bova

Future Scenarios for Space Development                            G. Harry Stine

The Paradox of Interstellar Transport                                  Robert L. Forward

Book Review

The Leading Edge                                                            Richard E. Geis



Far Frontiers II (Summer 1985) : Baen

Cover art: Michael Carroll

Art Editor: Terri Czeczko

Interior art: Janet Aulisio, Vincent DiFate, Arthur George, Val Lindahn, Judy Mitchell, and J.K. Potter

Story Type                                            Author


Talion                                                                     John Brunner                                           

House of Weapons                                                    Gordon R. Dickson

Short Stories

Nuclear Autumn                                                        Ben Bova

Petrogypsies                                                            Rory Harper

A Cure for Croup                                                       Edward P. Hughes

Evileye                                                                    Dean Ing

The Software Plague                                                 John Park

Avenging Angel                                                          Eric L. Davin

Speculative Fact

A Step Farther Out                                                    Jerry Pournelle

Iras, Vega, and Intelligent Life in the Galaxy                 Dr. Robert W. Bussard

Cheap Shots                                                               G. Harry Stine

Book Reviews

The Leading Edge                                                       Richard E. Geis


Far Frontiers III (Fall 1985): Baen

Editors in Chief: Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen

Managing Editor: John F. Carr

Senior Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Cover Artist: Michael Carroll

Interior Artists: Vincent DiFate and Alex Mambach

Story Type                                            Author

Preface                                                                       Jerry Pournelle


The Ungoverned                                                         Vernor Vinge                                           

Morning on Venus                                                        Rivka Jacobs

A Wink in the Eye of the Wolf                                     Alexander Jablokov

Out of the North a Giant                                             John Dalmas

Short Stories

The Bond                                                                  David A. Drake

Space Shuttle Crashes!,                                              Thomas Wylde

Speculative Fact

The Ultimate Whodunit                                              Charles R. Pellegrino

Right-Angle Realities                                                   John Gribbin

Space Talking                                                              Charles Sheffield

A Step Farther Out                                                       Jerry Pournelle

Book Reviews

The Leading Edge                                                       Roland J. Green



Far Frontiers IV (Winter 1985): Baen

Editors in Chief: Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen

Managing Editor: John F. Carr

Senior Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Cover Artist: David Egge

Interior Artists: Vincent DiFate and David Mattingly

Story                                                Author

Dydeetown Girl                                    F. Paul Wilson

Opening Move on Egil's World                John Dalmas

The Leading Edge                                  Roland J. Green

Shark Destiny                                        Terry Rich Hartley

Golden Dawn                                        Roland Anthony Cross

Cops and Robbers                                  S.M. Stirling

Star Wars is not Mad                              James Benford

Reactionary Utopias                               Gregory Benford

The Prince                                             C.J. Cherryh


Far Frontiers V (Spring 1986): Baen Books

Editors in Chief: Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen

Senior Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Associate Editor: Michael Banks

Cover Artist: David Egge


Story                                                    Author

A Lion to the Sea                                    John Dalmas

Space Transportation                               Charles Sheffield

Dancing with the Straw Man                     Gregory Benford

The High Reach                                       Edward A. Byers

There is a Tide                                        Keith Laumer

Escape from Planet Earth                          G. Harry Stine

The Space Beat                                        G. Harry Stine

Ranks of Bronze                                        David Drake

Aftermaths                                               Lois McMaster Bujold


Far Frontiers VI (Fall 1986): Baen Books

Editors in Chief: Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen

Senior Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Cover Artist: Pat Ortega

Story                                                    Author

The Tank Lords                                   David Drake

The Naked Chimp                                John Gribbin

Tournament                                         David Smeds

New Worlds for Old                            Charles Sheffield

A Field to Play on                                John Dalmas

En Route                                             Elaine Radford

The Leading Edge                                Roland Green

The Space Beat                                    G. Harry Stine

In the Wake of the Challenger               G. Harry Stine

The Great Beer Shortage                       Janet Morris and David Drake


Far Frontiers VII (Winter 1986): Baen Books

Editors in Chief: Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen

Senior Editor: Elizabeth Mitchell

Associate Editor: Michael Banks

Cover Artist: A.C. Farley

 Story                                                                                    Author

On Timeline Singularities, Space, and Human History              Charles Sheffield

Iron                                                                                    Poul Anderson

Lord Rifkin's Risk                                                                  Ralph Roberts

Teddy Bug and the Hot Purple Snowball                                  Phillip C. Jennings

Guardian Angel                                                                     Timothy Zahn

Timewarps Revisited                                                            John Gribbin

The Armistice                                                                       Robert Reed

The Leading Edge                                                                  Roland Green

America: A Second-class Space Power                                     G. Harry Stine

Winged Mysteries- The Soviet Shuttles                                    Roger MacBride Allen

Young as You Feel                                                                  Roger MacBride Allen




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