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  Imperial Stars Anthologies

Created by Jerry Pournelle

Edited by John F. Carr

Baen Books


Imperial Stars: The Stars at War (1986):  Baen Books

With John F. Carr

Cover Artist: Doug Beekman

Story Name                                                Author

1. Introduction: Empire                                J.E. Pournelle
2. In Clouds of Glory                                     Algis Budrys
3. The Star Plunderer                                    Poul Anderson
4. Two Editorials & Postscripts                      John W. Campbell
    a. Tribesman, Barbarian, and Citizen
    b. The Barbarians Within
5. Hymn of Breaking Strain                             Rudyard Kipling
6. The Miracle of Government                        James Burnham
7. To a Different Drum                                   Reginald Bretnor
8. The Whirligig of Time                                Vernor Vinge
9. Nightmare with Angels Stephen                   Vincent Benet
10. The Aristocrat                                          Chan Davis
11. The Sons of Martha                                   Rudyard Kipling
12. Mail Supremacy                                        Hayford Peirce
13. Herbig-Haro                                             Harry Turtledove
14. The Fighting Philosopher                           E.B.Cole
15. The Voodoo Sciences                                J.E. Pournelle
16. Pax Galactica                                           Ralph Williams
17. The Proper Study of Mankind                     J.E. Pournelle
18. Finger Trouble                                          Edward P Hughes
19. Yellow Rain and Space Wars                      Adrian Berry
20. That Share of Glory                                  C.M. Kornbluth
21. The Stars at War                                      J.E. Pournelle


*Imperial Stars II: Republic and Empire  (1987): Baen Books

Editorial Assistance of John F. Carr and Roland Green

Cover Artist: Alan Gutierrez

Story Name                                                                           Author

1. Republic and Empire                                        Jerry Pournelle
2. Outward Bound                                                 Norman Spinrad
3. In the Realm of the Heart, In the World of the Knife  Wayne Wightman
4. Litany for Dictatorships Stephen                         Vincent Benet
5. Doing Well While Doing Good                             Hayford Peirce
6. The Last Department                                          Rudyard Kipling
7. Constitution for Utopia                                       John W. Campbell
8. Minor Ingredient Eric                                           Frank Russell
9. The Turning Wheel                                              Philip K. Dick
10. Reactionary Utopias                                          Gregory Benford
11. These Shall Not be Lost                                     E.B. Cole
12. Data Vs. Evidence in the Voodoo Sciences           Jerry Pournelle
13. Nicaragua: A Speech to my Former Comrades on the Left    David Horowitz
14. The Gods of the Copybook Headings               Rudyard Kipling
15. Custom Fitting                                              James White
16. Conquests by Default                                     Vernor Vinge
17. The Skills of Xanadu                                      Theodore Sturgeon
18. Into the Sunset                                             D.C. Poyer
19. Shipwright                                                   Donald Kingsbury
20. Crisis and the Future                                     Jerry Pournelle

Imperial Stars III: The Crash of Empire(1989): Baen Books

Editorial Assistance of John F. Carr

Cover Artist: David Egge

Story Name                                                Author

1. The Crash of Empires                                Jerry Pournelle
2. Pebble Among the Stars                             Gregory Benford
3. The Claw and the Clock                             Christopher Anvil
4. The Only Thing We Learn                           Cyril Kornbluth
5. Remembering Vietnam                               H. J. Kaplan
6. Blessed are the Meek                                 G.C. Edmondson
7. Limiting Factor                                         Theodore Cogswell
8. Triage                                                      William Walling
9. Hyperdemocracy                                       John W. Campbell Jr.
10. Chain Reaction                                        Algis Budrys
11. Earthmanís Burden                                   Morton Klass
12. Blood Bank                                              Walter M. Miller Jr.
13. Here, There Be Witches                            Everett B. Cole
14. The Buzz of Joy                                       Phillip C. Jennings
15. Second Contact                                        W.R. Thompson
16. The Quest                                                Rudyard Kipling


* Part of the Friedsam Library Collection

Archival Holdings:

Anthology Emails [typescript]


Physical Description:

Emails between John F. Carr and Jerry Pournelle and Elenor Spectrum discussing republishing various anthologies  in e-book formats including Imperial Stars, Endless Frontiers, and There Will be War. These emails date between 3-26-2008 and 4-2-2008.


Imperial Stars Volume I [Typescript]


Physical Description:

Original contracts between J.E Pournelle and Associates and authors who had work appear in Imperial Stars Volume one. Also contained are several letters dealing with contract issues and contacting literary agents for permission to reprint stories.


Imperial Stars: Republic and Empire [Typescript]


Physical Description:

Lists of addresses, word counts and payments to authors for Imperial Stars Volume II.


Imperial Stars: The Crash of Empires [Assorted]


Physical Description:

Lists of addresses, word counts and payments to authors for Imperial Stars Volume III.


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