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The Science Fiction Yearbook

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

with Jim Baen andJohn F. Carr

Baen Books


The Science Fiction Yearbook (1985): : Baen Books*

Cover Art by David Egge

Story Name                                                       Author

1. Preface                                                          Unnamed
2. 1984, Nineteen Eight-Four, and Other SF Novels, Signs, and Portents                                                            Algis Budrys
3. Hard Science in the Real World                       Gregory Benford
4. The Strange Journey: 1984                             James Gunn
5. 1984: The Fifty-Candle Blowout                      Michael Glyr
6. New Rose Hotel                                            William Gibson
7. Me and My Shadow                                        Michael Resnick
8. Me/Days                                                       Gregory Benford
9. Silicon Muse                                                  Herbert Schenck
10. The Dominus Demonstration                          Charles Sheffield
11. The Crystal Spheres                                      David Brin
12. A Day in the Life of a Classics Professor          Stan Dryer
13. The Picture Man                                           John Dalmas
14. The Weigher                                                Eric Vinicoff and Marcia Martin
15. Demon Lover                                                M. Sarget Mackay
16. Tourist Trade                                                Robert Silverberg

* Part of the Friedsam Library Collection

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