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Surface Disturbance
by John F. Carr and Camden Benares

(unpublished to date)

Surface Disturbance is a novel by John F. Carr and his good friend, Camden Benares. According to Carr, he and Benares completed the novel and sold it to Laser Books for publication. However, Laser Books went out of business before the book could be published. 

The John F. Carr Collection contains original manuscripts of the novel, as well as Benares' original notebook for the project.

Archival Holdings

Surface Disturbance [typescript]


224 leaves

Physical Description:

Edited draft by John F. Carr and Camden Benares.  There are two items in this folder, first a four page glossary of terms, then the title page + draft.  The glossary of terms is on brown stained paper.  The heading on each page is “ Benares and Carr – page number.”  The draft starts with the title page.  There is a sticker on the top left corner of the title page that reads “JOHN F. CARR – Editor, SFWA Bulletin – 10512 Yarmouth Avenue Granada Hills , CA 91344 .”  The heading on the top right of the title page reads “Approximately 56,000 words.”  The draft starts on page 1 to page 219.  The editor is unknown, while the editor’s marks appear in pencil.

Camden Benares’ Notebook [handwritten note and typescript]


Physical Description:

The contents of a maroon binder labeled “The Gentle Folk” in worn letters. Note written and signed on first page by John F. Carr reads, “Camden Benares’ original notebook for the novel Surface Disturbance, with notes and text… Novel sold to Laser books, but never published as Laser went out of business before book was published. 1/8/08” A note written on yellow legal pad paper was found in the front pocket of the binder. It bears a label from John F. Carr that reads, “ Camden’s notes in his hand.”

Surface Disturbance manuscript [typescript]


219 leaves

Physical Description:

The contents of a blue plastic file folder with the label torn off. Appears to be a manuscript for the unpublished novel Surface Disturbance, by Carr and Benares . Approximately 219 pages discolored from smoke damage.

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