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Endless Frontier Anthologies

Created by Jerry Pournelle

Edited by John F. Carr

Ace Books


Endless Frontier (1979): Ace Books

Edited by Jerry Pournelle

Cover Artist: Vincent di Fate

Story Name                                                                           Author

1. Preface                                                         Unnamed
2. The Endless Frontier                                       Jerry Pournelle
3. Spirals                                                           Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
4. Coming of Age in Hensonís Tube William          Jon Watkins
5. Tricentennial                                                 Joe Haldeman
6. No Home-Like Place                                        Dian Girard
7. Bind Your Sons to Exile                                   Jerry Pournelle
8. To Catch A Falling Star                                    Brian OíLeary
9. To Bring in the Steel                                       Donald Kingsbury
10. The L-5 Society                                            Robert A. Heinlein
11. House                                                          Peter Dillingham
12. Home on Lagrange                                        Bill Higgins and Barry Gehm
13. The Gambling Hell and the Sinful Girl             Katherine MacLean
14. Dark Sanctuary                                             Gregory Benford
15. Cable Cars in the Sky                                    Hans Moravec
16. Transition Team                                           Charles Sheffield
17. Bigger than Worlds                                       Larry Niven


Endless Frontier II (1982): Ace Books

Editor Jerry Pournelle with John F. Carr

Cover Artist: Vincent di Fate

Story Name                                                                       Author

1. Introduction: The Insurmountable Opportunity              Unnamed
2. The Moon Goddess and the Son                        Donald Kingsbury
3. Space and the Longevity of Man                       Stefan T. Possony and Jerry Pournelle
4. Down & Out on Ellfive Prime                            Dean Ing
5. The Study Syndrome                                        Jerry Pournelle
6. Three Poems                                                   Helene Knox
7. Our Lady of the Sauropods                                Robert Silverberg
8. Two Poems                                                     Steve Rasnic Tem
9. How to Build a Beanstalk                                  Charles Sheffield
10. Sky Stalk                                                       Charles Sheffield
11. Invisible Encounter                                         Dian Girard
12. How to Become a Space Colonist                    Jerry Pournelle
13. Bellerophon                                                  Kevin Christensen
14. Highlifter Trilogy                                           Robert Frazier
15. Designing a Dyson Sphere                               Jack Williamson
16. Conservation of Mass                                      Karl T. Pflock
17. The Quiet                                                     George Florance-Guthridge
18. Psi-Rec: Of Anabasis and Bivouac, The Swarmcantor    Peter Dillingham
19. Our Many Roads to the Stars                            Poul Anderson
20. Exploring Infra-Stellar Space                           Dr. Robert L. Forward
21. Shapes of Things to Come                              John F. Carr
22. The Endless Frontier and The Thinking Machine       Hans P Mouravec
23. Songs of a Spacefarer                                    Judith R. Conly
24. Redeemer                                                     Gregory Benford
25. Dear Mr. President                                         Jerry Pournelle
26. Afterword                                                     Unnamed

Endless Frontier III: Cities in Space (1991): Ace Books

Editor Jerry Pournelle with John F. Carr

Cover Artist: Syd Dutton

Story Name                                                               Author

1. Introduction: The Endless Frontier                        Jerry Pournelle
2. Consort                                                              Jerry Pournelle
3. The Free Agent                                                   Michael Cassutt
4. What Are the Lagrange Points, Anyway?                 Doug Beason
5. The Christmas Count                                            Henry Melton
6. Three Poems The Langrange League Stationary
    a. Habitats                                                          William John Watkins
    b. When Silver Plums Fall                                     Bruce Boston
    c. High Flight                                                      John Gillespie MaGee, Jr.
7. Lifeguard                                                             Doug Beason
8. New Worlds in Space                                            Norman Spinrad
9. The Software Plague                                            John Park
10. Blindsight                                                         Robert Silverberg
11. Access to Space: SSX                                         Jim Ransom
12. Ghost Town                                                       Chad Oliver
13. Poppa Was a Catcher                                         Steven Gould
14. In Appreciation: Robert A. Heinlein                     Jerry Pournelle
15. The Long Watch                                               Robert A. Heinlein


Endless Frontiers IV: Life Among the Asteroids (1992): Ace Books

Edited by Jerry Pournelle with John F. Carr

Cover Artist: Richard Courtney

Story Name                                                                           Author

1. Foreward: The Endless Frontier                       Jerry Pournelle
2. Life Among the Asteroids                                Jerry Pournelle
3. Thinker                                                         Jerry Pournelle
4. Tool Dresserís Law                                         Jack Clemons
5. The Grand Tour                                              Charles Sheffield
6. Industrial Revolution                                       Poul Anderson
7. Those Pesky Belters and Their Torchships        Jerry Pournelle
8. Traveling Salesman                                         Peter L. Manly
9. Teddy Bug and the Hot Purple Snowball            Phillip C. Jennings
10. Stealing a Zero-G Cow                                   Brooks Peck
11. Asteroids: The Better Resource                       Eric Drexler
12. Iceslinger                                                      John Hegenberger
13. Ginungagap                                                    Michael Swanswick
14. Afterword: Nunc Dimittis                                 Jerry Pournelle


Archival Holdings:

Endless Frontiers Submissions III: Golden Fleece [typescript + letter]


52 leaves

Physical Description:

"Golden Fleece" by Robert J. Sawyer that was submitted to John F. Carr for Endless Frontiers III: Cities in Space. This story first appeared in the September 1988 issue of Amazing Stories.


Endless Frontiers Submissions III: Face of My Enemy, Mirror of My Face [typescript + letter]


31 leaves

Physical Description:

"Face of My Enemy, Mirror of My Face" by A.J. Austin offering the first serial rights to John F. Carr if included in Endless Frontiers III. Written on it by John Car are the words, "good- short TWBW story". This document is unpublished.


Endless Frontiers Submissions: The Thousandth Year  [photocopy]


21 leaves

Physical Description:

"The Thousandth Year" by Robert Abernathy that was submitted to John Carr for possible inclusion in Endless Frontiers. This was first published in Astounding Science Fiction in April 1954.


Endless Frontiers Submissions: Protected Species  [photocopy]


9 leaves

Physical Description:

"Protected Species" by H.B. Fyfe which was under consideration for inclusion into Endless Frontiers. This story first appeared in Astounding Science Fiction in March 1951


Endless Frontiers V Submissions:  [Letter + typescript]


18 leaves

Physical Description:

"Why I'm Not on Mars Yet, and What You Can do About it" by Kelly Parks. This article was planned to be presented at a Lunar Society conference in January 1993. This was considered for Endless Frontiers V.


Endless Frontiers V Submissions: Stine Letters  [two letters]


 2 leaves

Physical Description:

Two letters from Harry Stine. They both discuss rights release and copy write of one of Stine's stories and also included is the contract for his work to be used in Endless Frontiers V.



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