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Pain Gain by John F. Carr*

* Part of the Friedsam Library Collection

Archival Holdings

Pain Gain [miscellaneous]


Physical Description:

This file contains three items that originally listed as “Pain Gain Promo Stuff” upon arrival to the John. F. Carr Collection.

-Book Cover of Pain Gain on cardboard paper. 

-Two copies of a monthly promo pamphlet for Major Book’s publication.  John F. Carr’s novel Pain Gain is featured as one of the four top books being promoted for the August promotion pamphlet.

Pain Gain Proposal [typescript]


Physical Description:

The original proposal and outline for John F. Carr’s novel, originally titled Psychwar I but published as Pain Gain in 1976. 61 pages total, as sent to Evan McMannas at Major Books.

Pain Gain Documents [typescript]


Physical Description:

The contents of a folder labeled “Pain Gain.” The documents concern the deal with Major Books on the publication of Pain Gain by John F. Carr. The documents exhibit smoke and fire damage.

Pain Gain Manuscript [typescript]


201 leaves

Physical Description:

This is John F. Carr’s copy of the original manuscript for Pain Gain, originally titled Psychwar I, as sent to the publisher. The manuscript is dated 1/8/08 and signed by the author. All corrections are made in the author’s hand.



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