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JOHN F. CARR is the author, or co-author, of over a dozen published novels, and he has edited and co-edited, over thirty themed anthologies and short story collections.

John is the recognized authority on the life and works of H. Beam Piper and his H. Beam Piper : A Biography, was published in 2008. He has released new editions of some of Piper's books and written sequels to several of them.

The material donated to the John F. Carr Collection by the author includes: edited drafts of his works, correspondence, unpublished short stories and novellas, promotional material for published works, and published books and magazines.   

The Lord Kalvan page gives viewers a virtual tour of the actual places mentioned in the novel Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen with photos.  The page also features a Lord Kalvan concordance.

John F. Carr can be contacted at:

This site was created by Kyle Wimann for History 495, Internship during the Fall 2007 semester.  It was updated by Ellen Winger through May 2012.  Jason Mahar added addtional material in the Spring 2013 semester. Any changes, other than minor editing are noted at the bottom of each page.  The Lord Kalvan section was created by D. Frank.

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