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Worlds of H. Beam Piper*

By H. Beam Piper

Edited by John F. Carr

Ace Books

The Worlds of H. Beam Piper (1983): Ace Books

Edited by John F. Carr


Cover Artist: Unknown

Story Name                                                Author

Introduction                                          John F. Carr
1. Time and Time Again                          H. Beam Piper
2. The Mercenaries                                 Ibid
3. Dearest                                              Ibid  
4. Hunter Partrol                                     Ibid 
5. Flight From Tomorrow                         Ibid 
6. Operation R.S.V.P                               Ibid 
7. Genesis                                              Ibid 
8. The Awnser                                        Ibid  
9. Crossroads of Destiny                          Ibid            
10. Day of the Moron                              Ibid      

* This book is part of the Friedsam Library Collection


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