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This section of information is based on the boxes that contained his campaign papers. Each campaign year is broken down into folders. The campaign folders contained the polls and voting data of each year. There also is correspondence with individual supporters and companies that politically and financially backed him. Walsh had growing support as his years in office increased.

Congressman Walsh ran ten times for the U.S. House of Representatives, starting in 1988. This was not his first foray into politics, but it was his first time running for a spot in Congress. Walsh was successful in each of his years running for Congress, as can be seen when examining the campaign materials. One of the constant themes throughout the campaigns was Walsh's connection to the people and he ran on issues that people could relate to. Browse through the campaigns listed on this page to see election results and a description of the campaign material by year that is housed in the Walsh collection.


Campaign of 1988

        In the beginning of Walsh's Campaign years he slowly grew to find out what the people wanted. Walsh was a prominent figure in the community.

Campaign of 1990

    As his campaigns grew so did the team. His campaign managers worked very hard to push his commercials and knock on doors. He held an annual picnic and there was a large support system.

Campaign of 1992

    The polls and financial support are very organized in this campaign year. He has researched and made sure to contact the necessary people to make his win a sure fire one.

Campaign of 1994

    A large issue that he focused on in this campaign was the high infant mortality rate. Onondaga County was the main source of this problem.

Campaign of 1996

    This campaign was mainly focused on the people. He wanted to reach out to the unions. The goal that Walsh had was to protect the individual from the corrupt opponent Mack.

Campaign of 1998

    This was an important year to continue to hold the support of his campaign. A majority of this folder contains material dealing with the finances of Rothenberg for Congress.

Campaign of 2000

    Walsh was highly involved with building up his Republican following and found that giving multiple contributions to fellow Republicans, his support across the nation grew.

Campaign of 2002

    The Election year of 2002 was a social year for Congressman Walsh. He had been social in the past but during this campaign year, I think he out did himself.

Campaign of 2004

    Congressman Walsh was very involved in connecting with the people. He wanted to support his fellow constituencies. One main piece of information in this year was his fundraiser in DC.

Campaign of 2006

    Congressman Walsh had faced Labor Union reforms, environmental issues and money in this campaign. He was very concerned with the effects of a human action on the world we leave for our grandchildren.



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