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Campaign of 2000~ Walsh vs. Gavin vs. Hawkins

Walsh 69%
Gavin 30%
Hawkins 2%

11/10/99 to Jim from Helen Kiggens, 22 pages, Onondaga County tentative/unofficial candidates list.

Cayuga County 1999 elections, three pages, to Marge from Sue, addresses.

News Articles from Cortland November 3, 1999

Hand written list to Marge containing names and addresses of those reelected  in Cortland area.

11 pages to Marge of town re elected officials November 8, 1999

Three originals to Jim from David Hobbs thanking him for his contribution.

Battleground 2000 Democratic Strategic Analysis

Original letter from Peggy Ellis Director of Congress and Public Affairs about VIC (voting information).

Original letter from Stephen E. Chaudet concerning 1,000 dollars sent to Primary Election Campaign.

An Advertisement from Walsh  to Cortland Figure Skating Club.

Second draft of Poll in May 1999

February 17, 1999 to Brian Collins about information on campaign

Tuesday May 24- Gerri's remarks in Binghamton Thursday

The four pages of faxes about Syracuse Newspaper Campaign 2000 : on the record

Website Layout produced by Don

Original letter from Tom Davis October 9, 2000 thanking for the large contribution to the Battleground 2000 program.

September 27, 2000 letter to Mr. Schulze on becoming Chair of the Onondaga County Conservative Party.

Draft of a letter to be sent to Absentee voters

9/25/2000 a letter to Walsh from John Carney the Director of the VFW Political Action Committee.

Copied letter from Natalie Krous for Lazio 2000 INC. contribution

Second draft for response to Mark Libbon.

Two copied letters to Jack Welch- chairman of the board & CEO of General Electric Company for a donation.

National Policy Forum Board July 20, 2000 Federal Court Decision Vindicating NPF & RNC.

A letter to Jim from Guy about a contribution made to the NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee's Kick- Off.

1998 Finance Committee for review, April 6, 2000.

Letter to Walsh from Marge Roukema thanking for support.

Letter to Walsh from Denny Rehberg about contribution

Copied letter to Denny Hastert asking him to be a guest speaker at a fundraiser

Copied letter to the Editor of the Cortland Standard, asking for the people to support Marianne Bertini

Official Statement and Canvass of the votes in Onondaga county from general, primary in September and the primary in March.


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