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Campaign of 2002~ Walsh vs. Aldersley

Walsh 72.29%
Aldersley 26.64%
Gavin 1.07%

A list of compiled names and people to thank written for the election night 2002.

A voter breakdown

28 pages on the declining republican enrollment in Onondaga compiled by Jeff Stonecash on May 5, 2001

Onondaga county republican committee reorganization plan. Drafted on May 24, 2001

4 Letters addressed to James Walsh from the State of NY State Board of Elections requesting his name on the ballot for four parties.

Jim Walsh Polling Data packets that span from 1998-2007

Two original letters urging the soldiers to vote both are used to promote.

A letter from the President and CEO of C & S Engineers, INC. about campaign money and support.

A draft of a letter sent about the October 27 meeting VFW.

A packet of copied invites or letters about donations made to the different organizations with in the community.

Invite to the annual Syracuse Harvest Dance.

Another packet of appearances made and thank you.

Another packet of donations and invitations

This was a busy year for social events and I found many packets of the events and money spent.

 A copied letter about the tux issue that was handled in Washington DC on 3/13/2002

Andrew was sent all the invites and receipts.

A large packet sent to Andrew pertaining to an event that will be a big opportunity

Yet again another packet that had invitations but the original copies

Westend Republican Club meeting times

Election campaign support and original copy from Kemper Insurance.

A packet to Ben from Jodi containing support and event ideas.

An original letter inviting Walsh to the Emerald Isle Immigration Center 14th annual dinner.

Final item in the 2002 campaign folder was an envelope containing Walsh's 2002 Election certificate and a list containing the winners of every district in NY.


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