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Campaign of 2004~ Walsh ran unopposed

July 15, 2004- letter was sent to James Walsh about his received acceptance from the State of New York State Board of Elections.

Folder of Campaign Issues

    Memo to Jim from Matt about select talking points for the editorial board meeting- BRAC 2005, Hancock Field, Jobs, Omnibus, Madcow, Ag, Energy Bill, Media ownership, Unemployment, National Security, Immigration, and Tea- Lu.

    Email from Brian Kerkhoven to Dan Gage about  Immigration

    Memo to JTW and Dan from Andy, 1/9/04 about Airport Authority

    Memo to JTW and Dan from Andy about CARES Update

    Six Copied News articles about Bush

    Post Standard Editorial Board Meeting, Monday January 12, 2004, 10am

    Two Page article on Omnibus Spending Bill

    Three pages about Mandatory Country of Original in Labeling Proposed Role.


13 pages on the NY- 25th Congressional District Demographics and Partisan Behavior, December 1, 2003 by Jeff Stonecash.

16 pages of Jim Walsh Poll October 18-20, 2004 Reported October 23, 2004 by Jeff Stonecash

Folder of Certificate and voting breakdown

Two page letter to George David declining his contribution due to the possible mixed feelings that his constituencies would create.

Letter to Walsh from Brad Smith thanking him for the support and contribution. 

Receipt and evaluation form from Phoenix Park Hotel in DC a fundraiser was held.

Letter to Jodi Major about the at the Phoenix Park Hotel.

Street Map of DC

Event update five page fax form from Sallie Griggs to Jodi 3/7, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12.

Morgan Meredith, & Associates folder

    Fundraising history of past years

    March 7- Attendants names and addresses to events

Receptions NYC Folder

    contract for the Phoenix Park Hotel 2 pages

    credit card authorization

    menu, drinks, and displays

    letter about Morgan and Meredith on Grow

    Banquet Event Order fax 2 pages

    March 14, 2002- Memo from Tom Reynolds to Majority Leader about financial support to  Freddie Mac.

    List of Names and addresses for fundraising

    Memo to all House GOP Chiefs of Staffs- from Dan Morgan and Todd Meredith about the Capital Hill Club's fixed cost fundraising packages.

    Two names who might be interested in running a fundraising

    Christian Richter Breakfast in SYK with Welch Allgan email phone and fax numbers

    Second Page to a letter to Jim Walsh from John R. Piper

    An invite to the Brooklyn Public Library

    Thank you from Preston Robert Tisch of Take the Field.

    Scrap paper with notes of a Trip to NYC.   

            - Carnegie Hall 2001-2002 season brochure and concert guide. Letter from the director about a leadership role he took on.

Folder of Morgan and Meredith

    call list report

    Fax of Event Update for Spring Fundraiser

    Mock letter from Jim to people about Spring Fundraiser

    Memorandum to Jodi Major about the PAC event schedule


    Three Mock letters

    Invite Ideas three and three envelope ideas drafts designs.

    GOP Event calendar

    3/13 final event update fax eight pages

    4/2 event update and follow up phone calls another eight pages

    Copied Letter from CRL Associated to Jim and DeDe about the enjoyable time that was spent together at an event.

Original and Copied Survey for the 2003 House Republican Planning enclosed 4/7/03.

Email from Andrew Bobrek unofficial results based on BOE Information.

Four pages of poll data

Letter from Guy Cosentino executive director of Options for Independence

25th Congressional District NY media list for pages

June 4, 2003 letter from Richard Burr about  supporting his colleagues

Transcript from the Today Show on January 27, 2004 an interview with David Kay.

Watkins to Uckele about Education- graphs and funding needed.

Letter in the NY Times on 2/2/04 Republican Conventioneers get Their Hotel Lists

Original Letter from Tom Reynolds to Jim about Breakfast Kick- Off Thank you

December 8, 2003 Brian Kolb asking for support in his race four pages

Letter from Maggie Brooks about the contribution to her campaign - December 8, 2003

From Tom Reynolds about KY-06 General Election Committee

Mailer reminding to vote and bios on the candidates.

List of 164 people- addresses for Christmas Cards and gifts

2004 election envelope containing results and polls. 


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