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Campaign of 1996 ~ Walsh vs. Mack

Walsh 55.1 %
Mack 44.9%

bulletOfficial Statement and Canvass of Votes Cast November 5, 1996, September 10, 1996 and March 7, 1996
bulletSyracuse University Survey Draft
bulletComparing your Vote to Republican presidential candidates
bulletenvelope- Financial Issues to talk about from the paper; Promises Made to America Contract; Encouragement Letter from Michael G. Oxley; news articles from Washington Post; more random news articles;  Crossroads; Marty Mack information; Tioga County   Official Tabulation November 5,1996; Cayuga County Canvass, District 33 Reps., NRCC Political Report November 21, 1996; important names and phone numbers; Cortland County Official Tabulation November 7, 1996; Cortland County in November 1987; Cortland and Cayuga County important names and numbers; election results in Onondaga County, Congressional Race of 1996 - charts and summaries; campaign polls as of 10/27/96; award; evaluations at the polls 10/17/96; evaluations as of 10/10/96; congratulations on winning the Representatives seat in Congress Dec. 9, 1996; breakdown of congressional votes across the districts November 5, 1996; Jim Walsh Poll 25th Congressional District February 11-13, 1996; Report of Receipts and Disbursements October 30 ,1996; Democratic Committeeperson Letter March 3, 1996; Commercial Times October 30, 1996; GOTV; and Campaign Strategy Suggestions.
bulletNotes from a meeting in July
bulletTrend Data May 8, 1996
bulletInitial Survey Data July 17, 1996
bulletPublic Opinion Strategies
bulletInterview Schedule
bulletGet Out There and Vote 11/2
bulletOnondaga County Enrollment, Voting 1990-1996
bulletFriday, November 1, 1996- Itinerary
bulletNews Article
bulletMarty Mack 's Spending 16 pages
bulletLetter from Dick Armey, M.C.- Majority Leader
bulletNews Releases in September and Oct.3 of them
bulletThe Radical Roster #6 Sept. 24 1996
bulletLetter from Dan Glickman Secretary of the Department of Agriculture
bulletLetter to Mr. Burch on national Vietnam veterans coalition endorsement
bulletSeptember 25, 1996 Myth of exploding TV
bulletNRCC incumbent request
bulletDraft of palm card 
bulletSeptember 19,1996 Poll Results
bulletVeterans Party Endorsement September 17, 1996
bulletLetter to Amo Houghton member of congress September 17, 1996
bulletTomato fest and other events September 16, 1996
bulletPlanned Parenthood guide to elected Representatives
bulletMack's Attempt to buy a seat
bulletIncumbent Retentions Committee September 17, 1996
bulletFederal Voting Assistance Program September 10, 1996
bulletLetter of thanks to Maria Cino executive director of national committee
bulletColleague solicitation September 9, 1996
bulletDepartment of Defense Voting Information Center Sept, 5, 1996
bulletTaxpayer Protection Pledge
bulletUpstate NY Coalition of Federal Workers Aug. 30 1996
bulletPublic Opinion Strategies September 4, 1996 7 pages
bulletUniformed Services Journal Publication
bulletForgeries in Mack's Independent petitions
bulletReceptions cards
bulletEndorsement of the National Education Association of New York 4 pages
bulletFact Sheet - update on the bills of the contract with America 9 pages
bulletNational Response list Marketing INC. 
bulletNew York City Fund-raiser and address request
bulletFacsimile Cover Letter to the Federal Election Commission
bulletNRCC Fax- 10 pages
bulletWall Street Journal July, 31, 1996
bulletUnion Attack Plan
bulletJim Walsh records- draft
bulletCookFair Media- 8 pages
bulletLetter to public deterring the vote for Mack and pointing out his negatives
bulletCitizen Action July 22, 1996
bulletCampaign contributions
bulletIndependence Party Petitions
bulletConcern letter July 22, 1996

bulletAnother Palm Card- info about Jim Walsh
bulletExpenses of Marty Mack 9/11/96, 10/5/96, 08/29/96
bulletBlue Pocket Folder with descriptions of votes in the US House of Reps; important numbers; a list of what makes up the 25th district of NY; 1996 RE Election Campaign with a breakdown of everyone's positions and what each position entails.
bulletSecond Blue Folder Address to Robert Keane with the second heading being '96 Campaign notes from the campaign manager. It holds a week by week breakdown of events and jobs and products that should be occurring.
bulletFolder labeled "to do"- A letter from Bob Keane to Jim Walsh on a strategy to win over voters and the seat.
bulletFolder labeled "Medicare Task Force" - agendas and a list of important people, Points for Jim to talk about, written report to citizens advisory committee to save Medicare from Walsh's staff.
bulletLast folder is labeled "Bob Keane"- encloses names and numbers of people on the campaign team, notes and payment amounts attached is two business cards, Letter to Donald R. Keough thanks him for their meeting and encouraging  his financial support, Two Resumes- Martin E. Voss, Timothy M. Hunter, Attorney list 6 pages.
bulletNew York 25th CD Survey- Walsh for senate- September 14-16 1996 binder
bulletPoll Results in September 19, 1996
bulletnotes on yellow lined paper
bulletPublic Opinion Strategies- schedule, and percentages
bulletPublic Opinion Strategies table of contents
bulletI. Interview Schedule
bulletII. Verbatim Responses
bulletIII. Summary of Key Data
bulletIV. Cross tabulations 

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