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A day in the life of Congressman Walsh

Congressman Walsh had a very busy life as a Congressman. From working hard along his Campaign Trail to working to clean up Onondaga Lake, Congressman Walsh kept himself busy during his career. Congressman Walsh contributed much of his correspondence to the archives at St. Bonaventure University. These boxes, which can be found in Series 3 and 4, provide evidence of what Congressman Walsh did during a normal day as a Congressman, and perhaps some abnormal ones, too.  These boxes are filled with "Thank you Letters" and letters regarding particular efforts he was involved with, such as Ireland, veteran affairs and Hancock Air force Base. Letters from a number of Presidents of the United States may also be found in the collection.

Congressman Walsh on Air Force One with President Bush.

For a description, in Walsh's own words, of what his days usually consisted of, click here. Walsh also provides insight to his thoughts, positions and work that he was doing during his last couple of years in Congress through his online journals. Walsh's blog is annotated here: ONLINE JOURNALS 2006-2008. 

Congressional visit with 52nd Fighter Wing in 2005.


Congressman Walsh spent a lot of time in Washington D.C., these are his suggested places to visit in Washington D.C.:

-The United States Capitol Building

-Arlington National Cemetery

-The Lincoln Memorial

-Vietnam and Korean Veterans War Memorial

-Library of Congress

-U.S. Botanic Garden

-National Gallery of Art

-Nation Museum of The American Indian

-Ford's Theatre

-Congressional Cemetery

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