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bulletCampaign of 1994 ~Walsh vs. Jezer, 2nd contest
bulletWalsh 57.6%
bulletJezer 42.4%
bulletEnvelope contains--
Points with Pride; a three page article, "Jezer hopes for better luck"; six pages of various articles about house votes involving Walsh and some about Jezer; seven pages of notes on what looks like to be a public debate on November 3, 1994; an update from the Committee on the budget- Republican budget November. 1, 1994 one page; 2pgs about how Walsh has improved Central New York- Ag., universities, construction, transportation, interior,  grants, economic development agency; 2 news articles on re-electing Walsh- October; high infant mortality rates in Onondaga County meeting information; Notes about endorsements on his stationary; two more articles from other papers with his re-election information; Parent and Child Center December 2, 1993- dedication; Common Council flyer for Robert Romeo; 3pgs talking about Key ideas for the next NEWT session; Notes about issues that need to be addressed in Cayuga, Cortland, Onondaga county, September 27, 1994; major issues, interview talking points September 26, 1994- 2pgs.; Jezer election cycle- 1993-1994; 2 more articles on winners and losers of the election; from personalized stationary of Walsh-what to talk about at a ceremony; Walsh stationary- facts about Jezer's view; opening for the radio debate; report of receipts and disbursements of Jezer; news article from a Binghamton paper about Walsh winning; official tabulation of Tioga county on 11/23/94; award showing he was elected member of congress in December 1994; letter from Thomas Wilkey that was enclosed with the award; 12/6/94 poll results on paper from House of Reps.; 12/6/94 fax of Oswego polls 3 pages; official tabulation of Cortland county on November 8,1994- 6 pgs; 9pgs of general election results for congress on November 8 , 1994; 1994 Republican victory review 23 pgs.; Cook Fair Media, Inc. 3 pgs; note pages about polls and percentages; Jim Walsh polls for October 16-18, 28, 29, 30; rep. almanac; Cook Fair Media, 4 page fax about how to do a commercial; sept.28,1994 memorandum profile about opponent; Cook Fair Media 6 page fax what to talk about on a radio show; November 16 ,1994 election results in outlying areas compared to 1992.
bulletLetter to Bob Dole about being a honored guest- January 30, 1995 congressional race in '94,
bulletPhone call guide sheet and polls
bulletPublic opinion strategies- February '94 

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