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Campaign of 1998~ Walsh vs. Rothenberg

Walsh 69.4%
Rothenberg 30.6%

     - Polls in October/ April

     - Certificate of honor

     - Polls from wards for presidential candidates'

     - Opponents papers/ bios/websites

     - County breakdown of political parties

     - Project Vote Smart

     - Newspaper interview

     - View PAC

     - Linden 1998 NRCC

     - Recorded messages for campaigning

     - Nominating information from John Linder on July 22, 1998

     - POGO March 1998

     - Official Statement and Canvass of Votes Cast at General and Primary Elections in 1998.

     - Statement of Candidacy

     - 1998 NY Republican State Committee Statewide Nominating Meeting

     - Tina Vanbrakle business card

     - Campaign for Working Families Tops $3 Million - a political action committee update

     - An original letter from Tom Bordonaro thanking him for the contribution made to his campaign.

    - Chamber of Commerce letter detailing the support they are giving to Walsh

     - Samuel F. Wright a script to follow when recording a message for congressman Walsh support.

     - Assembly Biographies 2/25/98

     - A letter containing the names and addresses of Strong Walsh Supports from Martin E. Voss

     - An email from Dwayne Kratt of members that have placed messages on Military constituents phones.

     - Petition for Review, Illinois Commerce Commission January 23, 1998

     - NRCC letter about Incumbent funding

     - Pamphlet to Walsh from the Election Commissioners' Association

     - A thank you for attending the Congressional Forum Dinner from John Linder on June 18, 1998

     - A Financial plan for PAC and individuals form the NRCC

     - A copied letter to John Chick of the Conservative Party of Cayuga County June 10, 1998

     - PRO Business Picks for 1998

     - Telephone survey letter

     - Letter about Setting the record straight from John Linder June 19, 1998

    - New York State Board of Elections Annual Report 1997

     - A letter outlining the services available to a candidate from the NRCC

     - A letter to Jim from the NRCC asking for support of a fellow Republican in New Mexico

     - A Letter on campaign stationery to people of the district asking for political support of Walsh.

     - Talking points on Fire and Emergency Services

     -January 4, 1997- an original letter to Walsh campaign about a mix-up of a donation.

     - A copy of a letter  about usage of property during campaign time, such as computers and phone in the House.

     - A fax to all staff concerning the NRCC Legal Advisory.

     - A reminder to record a message to military constituents

     - July 14, 1999- a Caterers pamphlet

     - Mass Mailing Pre-election cut off- October 23, 1997

     - A thank you to Walsh on November 17, 1997- from  Credit Union Center

     - Advisory Opinion NO. 97-1- from ten State Board of Elections September 3, 1997

     - An address for Jim Reynolds

     - News article from August 7, 1997

    - Republican National Committee- Broadcast Services Department- a bill for services


     - A copied letter to Walsh from Kenneth D. Phelps III, LMEPAC Manger concerning a contribution sent to the 1998 Primary Election Campaign.

     - A copied letter from the Kemper company contributing to Walsh's' campaign

     - A letter sent to Bernadette A. Budde addressing the reason for his absence at an event

     - July 1997, Campaigns and Elections Magazine.

     - Record- Federal Election Commission July 1997

     - A copied two page letter addressed to Mr. Turley concerning the Democratic National Committee Complaint Against the Coalition and NRCC.

    - Receipt  to the US Postal Service

    - A fax from Kim Jordan to Michael Young about Rothenberg for Congress.

     - Multiple copied donation checks.

    - Bank Statements for Rothenberg


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