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Campaign of 1992 ~Walsh vs. Jezer, 1st contest

Walsh received 56%; Jezer 44%

In the folder containing the material from his campaign of 1992 found multiple surveys and summary results. These were from the previous year and contributed to his success in the campaign.


American Viewpoint Survey Executive Results of Onondaga County. Prepared for Congressman James Walsh in 1991

Survey of 300 Registered voters in the New York 25th Congressional District which was conducted over a two day period from August 11-13, 1991. This contains the script of the survey and the answers to every question in a index breakdown.

Their is an envelope which contains the following:

A Pamphlet- Congress in the '90's- Ten Steps to Congressional Reform.

~Eliminate money as the main factor in campaigns

~Eliminate all congressional "perks"

~Eliminate the exemption congress has given itself/ laws.

~Abolish unlimited mailing

~Limit terms for a particular committee

~Streamline the legislative process

~Require a balanced budget every year

~Establish line-item veto power for the president

~Retain the ban on Honoraria

~Restrict Junkets



Things within the folder:

Fax from Rhea Jezer his opponent about reimbursements

2 pages of notes on an audio program or radio

November 1991- National Care Proposal

2 pages WCNY debate statements

NY State Board of Elections- enrollment- District of Onondaga

Public Opinion Strategies letter from Neil Newhouse about the ten trends shaping the world politics. July 9,1991

National Survey Highlights packet- American Viewpoint Spring '92.

1992 Exit Poll Site View

Letter with notes about his next campaign

Letter from Stonecash in the Political Science Department of Syracuse University

Broome County general election political breakdown from November 3, 1992

Zone coordinators lists

Memorandum from JTW to Kevin Gilligan about the campaign

A copied letter from Gerri Farrell to Marge Pelton about the Christmas Card list January 4 1993

Cookfair Media November 23, 1992- The '94 cycle

Record of Meeting held on November 11,1992 at the Representatives Headquarters- They discussed the congressional campaign.

Notes typed up from Bob Waters on official office, issues, self- promotion, "jobs"/ economy, election results, new district, political leadership, campaign office, congressional club, and fund raising.

November 20, 1992- communication plans that are 8 pages long

1993 Year of the Man calendar

1993 House calendar

National Journal November 7, 1992

Letter received from Jeff Stonecash on Checks, Banking and Politics to Walsh waters and Jim O'Conner. April 20, 1992.

3 small notepad size pages on percents opponents and approval ratings

In The US Congress Folder

Left pocket contains

~ List of rotaries in the district

~ Rotary club listings

Service Clubs

Phone numbers of GOP Chairmen in the District

Finger lakes elected officials names and districts along with telephone numbers

Cortland county elected officials in the 25th district

Cayuga county elected officials in the 25th district

Broome County officials in the 25ht district

A list of zip codes in the 25th district

Tioga county elected officials in the 25th district


The Right Pocket Holds

Cayuga county representatives committee February 4, 1992

Map of the counties

25th Congressional district 1990 population summary

geographic, census summaries of the 25th district

Cortland, Tioga, Cayuga and Broome counties summaries



Cayuga county - committee, map, elected officials

Public Opinion Strategies NY state wide survey key point in May of '92

Public opinion Strategies National Survey summary on July 24-26 '91

Fax from Bob Waters about a survey draft it is the 3rd draft.

Fax from the Public Opinion Strategies with the Sixth and final draft comprised of 14 pages

Correspondence with the Cayuga County Officials and a quick reminder of a lesson that we can learn from the past actions

Copies of  letters to Ann Bunker, The Mayor of Aurburn, James Hutchinson, Mark Fandrich, and Michael J. Cuddy, Jr. on July 24

Bicentennial Celebration ceremony lists of activities

Copy of a letter to Lynn M. Martin Secretary Of the US Department of Labor- honored guest at a fundraiser

 Walsh reform booklet draft 1992

Letter to Guy and Sid asking for financial assistance from the NRCC and the reply back

Washington Post article about the Capitol's Capital Scandal.

Letter to Carla A Hills of the US Trade Representative to be a guest and another to William K. Reilly the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Another copied letter to Guy asking for financial support for the campaign

Federal Election Commission

Copied letter to Dan Quayle the Vice President of the United States to be a quest at an event.

Copied letter to Secretary Mosbacher to attend an event and be the keynote speaker.

Copied letter about the death of the representative from Arizona Moudall on September 13, 1991

Copy of a letter  sent to the President about the campaign support.

Copy of a letter from Guy VAnder Jagt, MC Chairman- response about the financial support

News Release from the NRCC about Cole becoming the executive director

Biographical sketches of the '92 site selection committee from the democratic national committee

Legislative Directory

A Packet on how to plan for campaigns financially from Lisa B. Friel and Associates on November 28 1994

A copy of a letter that was sent to Newt Gingrich about political support.

Official statements and canvass of votes cast at general election held on Nov. 3, at the primary September. 15 and at the federal primary on April 7 county of Onondaga Board of elections.


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