Other Correspondence

Correspondence to & from Merton:

Merton to Stone: Undated to 1954

Merton to Stone: 1955 to 1962

Merton to Stone: 1963 to 1968


Merton to Others (Not Stone)

Others (Not Stone) to Merton


Stone to Merton: 1946 to 1951

Stone to Merton: 1952 to 1955

Stone to Merton: 1956 to 1962

Stone to Merton: 1963 to 1966

Stone to Merton: 1967 to 1968


Correspondence by others to Stone:


Box 1.1 - 1.9 [Arranged alphabetically by author]

Box 4.1-4.14 [Arranged alphabetically by author]


Correspondence by Stone to Others:


Box 2.1-2.11 [Arranged alphabetically by author]

box 5.1-5.22 [Arranged alphabetically by author]


Correspondence by Stone to multiple others & to multiple others in general:

Box 7.1


Correspondence to members of the Merton Literary Trust as a group:

Box 4.15 [Arranged chronologically]


Correspondence from James Laughlin to Stone:

Box 4.16-4.18 [Arranged chronologically]


Correspondence to & from James Laughlin (Not directly involving Stone):

Box 6.9-6.14 [Arranged alphabetically by addressee/recipient]


Correspondence from Anne McCormick to Stone

Box 4.19-4.23 [Arranged chronologically]


Correspondence to & from Anne McCormick (Not directly involving Stone):

Box 6.1-6.8 [Arranged alphabetically by addressee/recipient]


General Correspondence not directly involving Stone

box 3.1-3.3 [Arranged alphabetically by author]

box 6.15-6.18 [Arranged alphabetically by author]

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