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This page provides links to biographical information about the people listed below.  Each of them added to the life and legacy of Saint Bonaventure University either by their work here, their generosity towards the institution, or by their activities in life after St. Bonaventure.  Each site briefly describes the life of the person and, especially, their relationship to Saint Bonaventure.  For the authors on the list, bibliographies of their work have been included.

General practice for this website is to use the initials O.F.M. or OFM for all friars of the Friars Minor associated with St. Bonaventure regardless of the dates they were here. During the 19th century, the friars of the Immaculate Conception Province used the initials O.S.F. as members of the "Order of Minors of the Strict Observance of St. Francis." In 1897 Pope Leo XIII decreed that all the Friars Minor should unite under a common set of observances and all friars henceforth used the Friars Minor (OFM). What this means is that some friars will be found listed in sources with varying designations. Some, such as Cardinal Falconio, began with OSF and ended their careers as OFM. For simplicity's sake, we've decided to use one format for the entire history of SBU. Thanks to Fr. Dominic Monti for explaining the history to us.

The Presidents of St. Bonaventure

Kenneth Anderson

Fr. Ralph Antonucci

Br. Cajetan Baumann, O.F.M.

Board of Trustees

Fr. Philotheus Boehner, O.F.M.  

Fr. Joseph Butler, O.F.M.

Nicholas & Mary Devereux
    Nicholas Devereux and Western New York

Fr. James Dolan, O.F.M.

Col. Michael Friedsam

Francis "Griff" Griffin

Joachim Guerrini, O.F.M.

Fr. Walter Hammon, O.F.M.

T. Edward and Tullah Hanley

Hannigan, Helen

Hannigan, Mary Shea

Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, O.F.M
    Find more information at the Merton site

Fr. Dan Hurley, O.F.M.

Mother Immaculata Tombrock, SMIC

Felix Jacques

Ann Kelly (1962)

Boyd Litzinger

Fr. Pamphilus da Magliano, O.F.M.

Fred McCarthy

Thomas Merton

Al H. Nothem

Chester Oakley

Albert O'Brien, O.F.M.

Roi Ottley

Fr. Thomas Plassmann, O.F.M.
    Find more information at the Merton site

Fr. Joseph Ruther, O.F.M.

Paul Ryan

Sroka, Richard (1959)

Bishop John Timon

Fr. Alphonsus Trabold

Mr. Richard Vossler

Malcolm V. T. Wallace

Dorothy Godfrey Wayman

Br. Ferdinand Woerle

John Worden

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