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Timeline 1951 to 1975

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TIMELINE 1951 to 1975

"BV" references are to The Bona Venture newspaper, with dates appended.

1951- Ph.D. Biology offered (BV 1951-09-21)

1951- St. Elizabeth's Teacher Training School affiliates with St. Bonaventure University.  It is recognized as the Elementary School Division of the Department of Education at SBU.

1952- Christ The King Seminary built (Francis Hall)

1952- Farming at SBU ended (BV 1949-02-25)

1955- Robinson-Falconio Dorms built

1955- Fr. Brian Lhota, OFM appointed 13th President; 1955-1961

1955- Barracks (dorms) named for vets torn down.  "Diaper Row"  (see Jan/Feb 1955 BonAlumnus)

1956- Shrine to Our Lady of Wisdom built behind seminary

1957- Statue of "Brown" Indian (BV 1957-09-21)

1957- First Female Faculty member, Philosophy, Sr. Mary Anthony Brown, OFS, Summer '57.  She had taught in the St. Elizabeth Teacher Training School from 1951-1956.  That School was renamed St. Elizabeth's Teacher's College and became part of St. Bonaventure in 1957. (image)

1958- Statue of St. Francis, standing next to Friedsam Memorial Library, donated by Mrs. Mary E. DuPaul of Bradford, Pa; Designer-Frank A. Klein 1244 East 47th St. Brooklyn, N.Y.; Cost $1294.00; 5ft. Tall-Carrara Marble; 2 Doves-Nalrisina Marble on red brick base.  Mrs. DuPaul proposed construction of Statue in Oct.1955.  It arrived Jan. 1958.  Mrs. DuPaul died October 26, 1968.

1958- Plassmann Hall proposed- opened September 16, 1959

1959- Fr. Thomas Plassmann, OFM former President dies 2/13/59

1959- Forness Stadium dismantled

1959- Plassmann Hall opens for Fall 1959 semester  

1959- Oct. 29-Women's Basketball team plays first game vs. D'Youville

1960- February 12, $19 Million development plan announced

1960- Mark Hellinger award initiated by Jim Bishop

1960- Press Day attracted important speakers & big bands 

1960- Friary cornerstone  (now Doyle Hall) Fr. Celsus Wheeler, OFM Provincial Holy Name Province blessed cornerstone.   10/60 $2,000,000.  

1960- First women's basketball coach, Anita Handler (BV 2/17/78)

1960- October, Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, Jr. visited Olean in support of Richard Nixon for president

1960- October,  Robert F. Kennedy visited St. Bonaventure  in support of John F. Kennedy for president

1960- November, Department of Journalism and Russell J. Jandoli were admitted to Amer. Soc. of Journalism Sch. Admin.

1960- Alpha Gamma Psi, Psychology Society joined campus organizations

1961- Friary construction started (Doyle Hall)

1961- December, Alumni Hall, built in 1888, was demolished. It housed the library before 1938, a  gymnasium, a chemistry and biology lab, and a billiard parlor, as well as the The Bona Venture, the St. Bonaventure Band, the Glee Club, The Laurel, and  the Garret Theater Players.

1961- Fr. Francis W. Kearney, OFM appointed 14th president; 1961-1967

1961- February, Bonnies Basketball receive first NCAA bid

1961- March, "Count Basie's" band played Jr. Prom

1961- March, Pierre Salinger, press Sec. to Pres. Kennedy, to speak at Press Day, 2500 attend

1961- May, Bonnies lost 100th game after 99 wins Bonnies 77, Niagara 87

1961- May, Eddie Donovan resigns as Bonnie coach. Contract  with NY Knicks  Record was 138-57

1961- September, Larry Weise signed Bonnies Basketball coach

1961- Friars move into new Friary (now Doyle Hall)

1961- The Bona Venture marked its 35th year of publication

1962- March, "Cithara" began publication (scholarly journal) Dr. Malcolm Wallace-Editor

1962- March, Walter Cronkite-Press Day speaker

1962- March, "The Glenn Miller Orchestra" was signed to perform at the Junior Prom.

1962- September, Rev. Canisius Connors, OFM, appointed Athletic Director

1962- September, Basketball courts behind Rob-Fal constructed

1962- The Rev. Terence Reynolds, O.F.M., was appointed  Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.  Also, the Rev. Ambrose Haran, O.F.M., was appointed Dean of Discipline along with the Rev. Gervase White, O.F.M., being appointed Assistant Dean of Discipline.

1962- September, Col. Joseph Stangle replaced by Lt. Col. John Hart ROTC

1962- October, Bishop of Buffalo, Rev. Joseph A. Burke died. Participated in Bonas charter presentation and dedication of Christ the King Seminary

1962- November, Clubhouse rebuilt after fire, $5,000 damage

1962- The folk group "Peter, Paul, and Mary" performed at the Fall Festival.

1962- First female cheerleaders.

1963- January, The Sophomore Class signed "The Lettermen" for the Winter Carnival.

1963- "Hickey Hilton" temporary residence hall to the rear of the dining hall

1963- March, Friedsam Library Expansion (Periodical area)

1963- April, X-ray diffraction device in Physics department

1963- May, Offices of VPs of Academics, Development, Student Affairs, and Business and Finance created

1963- May, Hon. Pedro Theotoio Pereira, Portuguese Ambass. speaker for commencement

1963- May, Hon. Degree given to Rev. James McNulty, Bishop of Buffalo, Commencement

1963- September, Friedsam Library Silver Jubilee celebration

1963- De la Roche and Friary (Doyle) designated "Fall out" shelters by US Government

1963- Helen Stevens, Bona's first female class president ended her term after four weeks.

1963- October, Friedsam Library receives book with autographs of famous statesmen from Prof. Thos. Lavender

1964- January, ROTC Pershing Rifles asked to compete in 1964 World's Fair Invitational Drill Meet

1964- February, Bonas receive NIT bid (Basketball)

1964- Sigma Xi, a national honorary research organization was installed at St. Bonaventure.

1964- April, Carl Rowan to speak at Press Day

1964- Hickey Dining Hall started Cafeteria style

1964- July, Dick Sroka, "Ideal Bonaventure Man" in 1959, was killed in Vietnam.

1964- Friedsam Library new wing ready for use

1964- October, Hopkins Hall built (Administration Bldg) Dedicated by His Eminence, Cardinal Juan Landozuri of Lima, Peru.

1964- University Center announced (Reilly Center)

1964- November, New Post Office opened on campus

1965- First Lay Women Faculty hired (Dr. Dorothy Simrall, Mrs. Pat Finocchio)

1965- November, Shay-Loughlen built, Women's Dorm (bequest of Mary Shay) Dedication

1965- May, Francis "Griff" Griffin retired from  maintenance staff after 30 yrs of service

1965- May, School of Educ accepted applications for M.S. in Ed. with major conc. in Adv. Teacher Educ.

1965- The ROTC Barracks were removed from the present location of the Reilly Center.

1966- Mortuary chapel in cemetery torn down (built 1883).

1966- January, Last Bona Basketball game in Olean Armory, record in Armory 137-8; Hosted Niagara University beating them 92-65

1966- December 2, Basketball game in University Center vs. Quincy College (Reilly Center)

1966- January, College Bowl, upsetting Earlham, 4 time champ

1966- February, Fifth Dev. residents moved out of dorm

1966- October, Rev. Constantine Koser OFM, Vicar Gen, of Franciscan Order given Hon. Degree

1966- November, Rev. John R,H, Moorman, Anglican Bishop of Ripon, England given Hon. Degree

1966- December, First mass in Loughlen Hall chapel

1967- Fr. Reginald Redlon, OFM appointed 15th president;1967-1973

1967- "Dialogue" a campus publication began

1967- February, Minor & Major orders conferred on 88 at Christ The King Seminary

1967- Bona Venture awarded Associated Collegiate Press award

1967- May, University Center (Reilly Center) built, named for Carroll Mike Reilly

1967- September, Last Ideal Bonaventure Man award given

1967- First Ideal Bonaventure Person award given at Commencement Robert Kane

1967- Rathskellar started in Hickey Basement

1967- May, Newsman Douglas Edwards commencement speaker

1967- October, Gun battle on campus-escaped convicts captured

1967- December, Psi Chi, National Honor Society for Psychology

1968- February, Bonas gets bid to NCAA

1968- Devereux Hall renovated  

1968- St. Elizabeth Teacher's College moves to SBU campus.  Several Allegany Franciscan Sisters are full time professors in the School of Education.

1968- April 22, Rathskellar opened in Hickey, dedication

1968- May, Alan Ginsberg banned from performing on campus.  Student "sit-in" to protest decision

1968- May, Four laymen appointed to Board of Trustees Holtzmann, Rossini, Bretey, Maguire

1968- November 11, Sander Vanocur lectures-Media personality

1968- May, Bonas and 6 other NYS colleges & Univ. form NY Collegiate Press Association

1968- September, Holiday Inn used as temporary dorm because of over-admittance

1968- October, The Free Student Union established at Bonas

1968- October, Sports Hall of Fame established in former President's Lounge in Reilly Center

1968- November 22, Jim Bishop-Journalist dedicated room in Library to house collection of his papers

1968- Thomas Merton died in Bangkok, Thailand at 53. Former faculty, collection in Library

1969- February, Sports Hall of Fame first inductions:  Urzetta '50 Murray '50, Major '34, Reilly '25, Butler '68, Stith '60, Stith '61

1969- ROTC made mandatory 1yr req. instead of 2yr.

1969- Bob Lanier set single game scoring record (51) breaking Tom Stith's record (48) 1959-60

1969- Vietnam a household word, Draft card burning, strong antiwar sentiment on campus, underground newspaper, sit-ins occurred

1969- May, Jim Satalin drafted by Milwaukee Bucks of NBA

1969- May, Alan Ginsberg spoke on campus

1969- September, Drinking first allowed in dorms on trial basis

1969- September, Drug Advisory Council established

1969- October, Dr. Benjamin Spock spoke on campus about Vietnam & draft

1969- October,  Statue of Blessed Virgin near Hickey knocked from pedestal and desecrated

1969- Saturday classes for undergrads discontinued

1969- November, Women inducted into Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalism society

1969- December, Rev. Redlon broke ground for Rehab Center built on land donated by University

1969- Dr. Al H. Nothem appointed VP for Academic Affairs

1970- Bona Basketball team finished 3rd. in nation (BV 2/27/70)

1970- Most B-Ball pts. in BV history 2/3/70  131pts. Belmont Abbey

1970- Intervisitation issue between students and Admin.

1970- November, Campus Barns burned

1970- February, Degree and Certification program for  Elementary School Teaching advanced to registered status

1970- February, Restructure of Student Gov't (Student Senate)  

1970- April, ROTC completely optional

1970- Credit hours for graduation 129

1970- Pass-Fail option proposed

1970- April, Fr. Irenaeus Herscher, OFM retired from Library

1970- April, Board of Trustees approved a University Senate composed of students, faculty and Admin.

1970- University condemns war

1970- September,  University purchases Allegany house for student residence $3,500 because of over-admittance

1970- September, Student Senate approves "sign-in" intervisitation and freshman hours be self limited

1970- October, President of University retains right to final decision on intervisitation

1970- Philosophy Requirement changed from 15-9 credits

1971- February, Drug Hot Line on campus

1971- March, Student Handbook Board established

1971- March, Bonas invited to NIT

1971- March, Major in Marketing established

1971- March, St. Bonaventure hosted the New York State Swimming Championships.

1971- Classics requirement for Journalism changed from class lang  to class studies

1971- April, Library Director appointed-John Macik

1971- April,  Faculty Senate approved new grading system, and probation & dismissal standings  

1971- Bob Hope commencement speaker. Audio file

1971- September, Pass-Fail option introduced into curriculum

1971- October, Frats leave 5th Dev because of fire hazards

1971- November, Plan to establish Residence Council

1972- MA in Franciscan Studies (1st of its kind) approved by State Ed. Dept

1972- January, Carroll "Mike" Reilly, former coach dies

1972- March, Limit of 6 ROTC credits for graduation

1972- March, 4 year BA-MA program in English approved

1972- May, Academic Center proposal rejected-financial

1972- May, Daniel Moynihan commencement speaker

1972- June, Flooding of campus due to tropical storm Agnes

1972- September, 665 students opt Pass-Fail

1972- Bundy Aid becomes issue (Federal funding)

1972- Fr. Reginald Redlon, OFM Pres., resigns under criticism - Intervisitation stand

1972- Fr. Damian McElrath, OFM appointed 16th president; 1972-1975

1972- October, Last ordination of minor orders at Christ the King Seminary

1972- November, New maintenance building constructed

1972- November, Tartan surface replaces Reilly Center wood floor destroyed in flood, $58,000

1973- February, Physical Education program open to women

1973- March, Scholarships to be awarded on basis of need as well as scholarship

1973- May, First woman on Board of Trustees-Ann Mikoll

1973- May, Original script "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" given to University

1973- September, Thomas Merton Campus Ministry Center opened in former maintenance bldg.

1973- Limited Intervisitation granted

1973- First women in ROTC (6)

1974- March, Medical Technology Major approved by Faculty Senate

1974- March, University celebrates 700 Anniv. Death of St. Bonaventure

1974- April, University Center renamed Reilly Center in honor of Carroll "Mike" Reilly former coach

1974- September, Infirmary moved from Hickey Hall to the northwest wing of Friary, in-patient service to begin

1974- Christ The King Seminary moves to East Aurora

1974- Francis Hall new name for Christ the King Seminary

1974- 140 Students move into Francis Hall

1974- Athletic Advisory Board formed concerning intercollegiate and intramural programs

1974- Bundy Aid reapplication

1974- Curriculum change re: Theology requirement

1974- Friedsam Library Resource Center Addition Dedicated 10/74

1974- October, Sweets n Stuff, business intern program begins

1974- December, Non-catholic students required to take 9 credit hour theology requirement for graduation

1974- Larry Weise resigns as head coach

1974- Jim Satalin appointed as head coach

1975- MBA program and Medical Technology programs approved by NY State Department of Education

1975- February, Friar residence of Francis Hall-Ockham House

1975- University qualifies for Bundy Aid (Federal)

1975- April 13, WSBU's first broadcast

1975- September, Bonaville trailers installed near Maintenance

1975- February, Student Governance Board recognized by Trustees

1975- March, Bachelor of Science in Biology with concentration in other specific area such as Bus., Math, Jour.

1975- Board of Trustees changed from Franciscan majority  to secular majority

1975- Theology become Humanities requirement

1975- Bundy aid granted

1975- May, Fr. Damian McElrath OFM resigns

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