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Timeline 1901 to 1950

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TIMELINE 1901 to 1950

1901- April 23, New College (now de la Roche) complete $75,000

1901- September 16, Transfer of of administrative control of the college from the Custody of the Immaculate Conception to the Province of the Most Holy Name.

1901- Basketball craze hits campus

1902- Card. Falconio, former president becomes Apostolic Delegate for U.S.

1903- Msgr. Falconio delivers commencement address

1904- BV Farm started, peak 65 milkers, 600 pigs 6000 bu. potatos, 1500 bu. oats, 200 acres
         Supervisor; Crowley, Rev. Gentle, ofm;

1905- Groundbreaking for extension to Seminary
         Anniversaries: 50 yrs since friars came
      Silver Jubilee of Fr. Joseph Butler

1907- Postal Service Began
      Room, Board & Tuition-$200
      Visit for Minister General of Franciscan Order Most Rev, Denis Schuler, OFM

1907- Tennis courts constructed, gift of Rev. Mackin, Eldred, Pa.

1908- June 30, New College destroyed by fire students housed in Seminary
      (Lynch Hall) started on New College site $75,000 including gift from alumnus Rev. Francis J. Lynch, OFM

1909- College Bldg. (Lynch Hall) completed
      "Stalls" destroyed and 3 story structure built behind monastery used as Sisters' convent later first floor was kitchen for monastery.  Sisters did the cooking.

1909- Bowling alley in basement of "College Building" (Lynch hall)

1909- Soccer became an official sport

1909- First Statistics filed with Board of Regents
         College     10 teachers, 100 students
         High School  5   "        50   "
         Seminary     6   "        61   "

1911- Fr. Joseph Butler OFM resigns (24 yrs as pres.)
      Fr. Joseph Butler OFM dies 7/25/1911

1911- Fr. Fidelis Reynolds appointed 9th President, 1911-1916; First native born American to serve as President  
         Graduated from SB 1901

1912- First barn built (BV 1949-02-25)

1913- First BS degree John E. Selecky (Hist of BV says 1st BS Vincent Shea 1917)

1913- Butler Gym proposed

1914- Pre-Med program introduced

1914- Graduate degree first sought

1915- First Masters Degree awarded (Angelo, 100)

1915- Prof. James McLaughlin developed Science department and coached all sports ("Shine" McLaughlin)

1915- June 16, Site for Butler gym blessed ($100,000)

1916- February 3, First movie in Alumni Hall

1916- June 21, Cornerstone for Butler gym laid 6/21/16 by Fr. Dennis Dougherty, later archbishop of Philadelphia

1916- Journalism courses offered

1916- Fr. Alexander Hickey appointed 10th president, 1916-1920

1916- 170 credit hours required for degree

1916- Science dept. acquired a radio station transmitter, forerunner of WOFM-WSBU (Laurel, 18.1, Oct. 1916: 19)

1916- School of Education began-with 2 courses

1916- Wrestling and Boxing teams were introduced.

1916- WWI caused Military Science to be required.  Parade ground established in front of Alumni Hall

1917- Alpha Kappa Mu-Math fraternity established

1917- School divided-School of Liberal Arts and School of Science

1917- Seminary yearbook began

1917- 120 credit hours required for a degree.

1917- First Ph.D. Fr. Anthony Collins-Scranton

1917- Sr.'s of St. Joseph began cooking

1918- St. Bonas designated official US Army Training Center "SATC"

1918- Butler gym formally opened-pool opened
     Nearly all buildings electrified

1919- Student enrollment grew from 233-300 in 8 yrs.

1920- Fr. Alexander Hickey resigned in poor health

1920- Fr. Thomas Plassmann appointed 11th president, 1920-1949

1920- 136 credit hours required for degree

1920- College organized into dept. system adding Music & Acct.

1921- First summer session-informal-probably some women

1921- First Student Council, 1926 became Student Senate

1922- Laurel first printed on campus

1922- Summer session-formal-50-60 students

1922- Summer sessions marked beginning of education of women at Bonas  

1922, Fall- Extension program organized for teachers in service at St. Elizabeth's Academy.

1922- Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception arrive at St. Bonaventure  

1922- Alexander Hickey, OFM, appointed first postmaster of St. Bonaventure by Warren G. Harding.

1923- First degrees granted to women (Angelo, p. 117)

1924- Bachelor of Science-Education

1924- College became affiliated with Association of Colleges and Prep. Schools of the Middle Atlantic States; accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

1925- Grotto built by clerics

1925- March 19, Shrine of Little Flower-Tribute to St. Theresa by seminarians

1925- First MA with major in Education
         Sr. M. Irene Crandall
         Mrs. Mary Keating

1925- "College Building" officially named Lynch Hall

1925- College recognized by American Medical Assoc.

1925- First women graduates who completed the entire college course at St. Bonaventure (Hist SBU, p.118)

1926- Stations of the Cross built across road (Vox Regis 12/61)

1926- November 11, First St. Bona Venture issued, founded by Irving Roger Bacon

1926- Cross Country track team strong under John D. Bell.

1926- Ground blessing for Devereux Hall

1926- Golf course laid out-efforts of Fr. Bertrand Campbell ofm

1927- St. Joseph's Shrine built-gift of Thomas a. Flynn, Olean

1927- Alpha grading system introduced (A-3pts.)

1927- First mention of SBC as University (Laurel 1927) See 1950 for actual change.

1927- Charles Major high jump champ in NY City 6'4"

1927- Plans started for golf course

1927- Athletic field dedicated to John McGraw & Hugh Jennings

1927- Departments were changed into Schools

1928- The Laurel Annual-First Yearbook

1928- Board of Studies created (Bd. of Instruction)

1928- Board of Administration created

1928- June 7, Blessing for Devereux Hall 250 students ($400,000) Architect Chester Oakley

1928- Campus buildings (9) including housing for help & farm.
         St. Bonaventure church
         Monastery (100 friars)
         Seminary  (125 seminarians)
         Lynch Hall
         Poor Clares convent (25 sisters)
         Alumni Hall
         Butler Gym
         Central Heating Plant

1929- Advisory Board of Trustees created

1929- NYS granted authority for MA, MS, Ph.D, M.Phil

1929- Board of Graduate Studies

1929- Purchase of Railroad-Fr. Tom only College & RR Pres.

1929- May 17, First golf tournament on new course

1929- Ground breaking for Club House

1929- October 23, Fr. Alexander Hickey, ofm died

1930- Enrollment 64 HS, 362 College, 132 Seminarians, 63 clerics
         93 Students in Extension schools, 729 tot
         561 Students, seminarians, clerics here.

1930- May 5, Fire destroyed Chapel and Monastery (oldest Bldg)

1930- October 21, Fire destroyed Barn

1930- Fire destroyed "Lynch Hall" (now de la Roche) top floors burned.

1930- Devereux Hall received new 4 story west wing 6/3/30 building started

1930- First Ph.D. conferred  Smyth, Sr. M. Pauline, SSJ outlined by Prof. James J. McLaughlin and Fr. Albert O'Brien OFM

1930- Chester Oakley architect for Hickey Dining Hall(also designed Devereux)

1930- Carroll "Mike" Reilly came to coach football

1930- Butler Gym used for temporary Cafeteria

1931- Hickey Dining Hall built on site of monastery named for Fr. Alexander Hickey, OFM  10th Pres.

1931- Complete Journalism program offered

1931- Last high school class graduated  

1931- St. Bonaventure Church dedicated in Allegany on Oct. 26.  Relocation after the 1930 fire. (Angelo, 131)

1931- School of Commerce started

1932- March, First edition of Science Studies

1932- Laurel changed from College newspaper & Literary magazine to Literary Magazine only

1932- First Intercollegiate Swim Team

1932- Prof. Irving Roger Bacon died  (founder of BV)

1933- Last known reference to James Dolan Literary Association (later known as Iota Delta Alpha)

1933- First Catholic Action Medal awarded Alfred E. Smith former Governor of NY State

1933- Lynch Hall Fire, Tower, Bell, & Clock fell to first floor, probably by lightening. Bell repaired and believed to have been put in tower on Devereux Hall.

           Info on Bell.  McShane Bell Foundry Co., Baltimore, MD 1947.(north side) Ave Immaculata 1947 (south  side)
           On hammer, in yellow paint (Killroy was here)

1933- June 8, Ground breaking for new seminary "Christ the King" Not actually built until 1949

1934- De la Roche Hall built on foundation of Lynch Hall Dedicated by Hon. Herberet H. Lehman, Governor of NY State June 12

1934- Reorganization of Academic Programs-Bd of Instruction (Hist of BV)(BV 4/6/34)

1934- Music Hall built west of Alumni Hall

1934- Academic fraternities became popular

1934- John McGraw died

1934- Michael Williams received Catholic Action Medal

1936- Clock in front of Butler gym installed; purchased from Hornell, NY Bank

1936- Beginning of ROTC, field artillery unit

1936- First "Bonadieu" Yearbook published

1936- First High School Press Day

1936- First woman to receive an honorary degree, Rev. Mother Dominica Enright, OSF of St. Elizabeth's Motherhouse

1936- Beginning of ROTC

1937- July, Fr. Albert O'Brien-Librarian died; Had arranged for Friedsam Foundation funding for new library, designed by Chester Oakley

1937- Friedsam Foundation grants $125,000 for new Library

1937- Loudenville, NY Extension college opened, became Siena  

1938-February 17  "Book Brigade" moves 35,000 books from Alumni Hall to Friedsam Library

1938- March 7  Dedication of Friedsam Memorial Libary

1938- President's Office in Friedsam Library

1939- First official action to change College to Univ. (Hist of BV, pg 189)

1939- First Ideal Bonaventure Man award-Adolf Everett

1940- Civilian Pilot Training Program initiated

1942- First known reference to Iota Delta Alpha (formerly known as James Dolan Literary Assoc.)

1942- Women first admitted as Day students
         First Full time Day woman Mary Jacqueline Shortell Fox

1942- Carroll M Reilly selected "Coach of the Week" a national honor

1943- Intercollegiate sports dropped during WWII

1943- Facilities of college went under contract to War Department

1943- Basic Engineering course developed

1943- October 29, Carroll M. Reilly resigned as head coach

1943- Six women graduated (First "day student" graduates)
         Mary D. Quinn, Mary L. Shortell, Dorothy M. Sain, Mary E. Sweeney, Margaret C. Fane, Rita C. Ballard

1943- ASTP (Army Specialized Training Prog) started

1943- Franciscan Institute Opens in Library

1944- Golf match war effort fund raiser $100,000 Byron Nelson and Harold McSpaden  

1945, July 3- St. Elizabeth Teacher Training School established and affiliated with The Catholic University of America, until 1951, after St. Bonaventure's College becomes a university.

1945- Hugh Devore hired to coach football

1946- Tobacco Bowl-Football-loss to Muhlenberg 26-25

1946- Fred Forness gave $100,000 for football stadium
      Forness Stadium built

1946- Bookbinding shop started by Fr. Ruther in Library

1946- Barracks built on campus to house veteran students
         Referred to as "Diaper Row"

1947- Women students first appear in Bonadieu

1947- U-Shaped, barracks type Admin. Bldg. built to free up space in de la Roche, and consolidate Admin
Offices. They had been also in Butler gym. (Hist. of St. Bona" pg 171-173)

1949- Journalism dept formed by Russell J. Jandoli

1949- Fr. Thomas Plassmann-President named Provincial of Holy Name Province-left Bonaventure

1949- Fr. Juvenal Lalor OFM appointed 12th president;1949-55

1949- Enrollment-2,200 students

1950- July 21, College became University

1950- Women coeds first hazed

1950- Intercollegiate football ended in early '50s  

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