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Timeline to 1900

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TIMELINE to 1900

1853-4  Nicholas Devereux of Utica winters in Rome with his wife and daughter. He visited the College of Saint Isidore asking for Friars, but the lack of English speaking priests made it impossible for them to accept the offer. He invited the Franciscans to come to Allegany in the new Buffalo diocese, offering to donate land and $5,000, for the establishment of St. Bonaventure's College .

1854- Bishop Timon, in Rome for the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception, met with Venantius a Celano, Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor, who agreed to send a small group to America.

1855- January 4, date of agreement between Bishop Timon of Buffalo and the Minister General, establishing a Custody.

1855- June 20, Fr. Pamphilus arrives in NY with Fr. Sixtus Bucci A Galleano, Br. Salvator a Manarola and Fr. Samuel Fagella da Prezza.

1855- June 29, The first baptism was administered by Father Pamphilus in Ellicottville.

1855- July 17,  St. Bonaventure was incorporated.  "Missionary, Scientific, Charitable, Benevolent Society- "St. Francis Missionary Benevolent Society" for missionary work--aiding the poor--instructing the ignorant in divine and human knowledge.

1855- December 29, Nicholas Devereux dies.  

1856-March 10. 2nd meeting of the Society's Board of Trustees.  Membership changed with the addition of Fr. Pamphilus as the 1st Franciscan. (Angelo, 14)

1856- June 10.  Campus property deeded to the Society. (Angelo, 12)

1856- August 20, Cornerstone of college laid by Bishop Timon of Buffalo assisted by Bishop O'Laughlin of Brooklyn. Invitation (Angelo, 14)

1857- February 18, Board of Trustees appoints Building Committee to supervise construction of the first building. (Angelo, 16)

1858- August 27, Building Committee declared the first building completed. Fr. Pamphilus elected president of the Society. (Angelo, 16)

1858- October 4, The first building, constructed with handmade bricks, completed and dedicated. (Angelo, 17)

1858- Nov. 1, St. Bonaventure Cemetery is consecrated.

1859- Sept., 15-18 students were enrolled, Hammon names 18 students and candidates for the Franciscan Order. Angelo was unable to confirm a number.  (Hammon, 101, Angelo, 37n1) Fathers Pamphilus and Celsus da Chieri, along with Joachim Guerrini, a cleric, were the teaching staff. (Angelo, 37n2)

1859- Sisters of St. Francis started in Allegany by Fr.Pamphilus  

1860- June, First commencement  (Callahan, 54)

1860- First Ordination of Franciscan of Immaculate Conception  (St. Mary's) Joachim Guerrini

1861- First notice of a dramatic performance.  "Sebastian, or the Roman Martyr" a drama in four acts.

1862- First ordination on campus; 3 secular, 5 Franciscan Clerics

1862- Erection of 2nd college building

1863- First ordination of secular seminarians from St. Bonaventure Seminary; 3 ordained

1864- June 13, First graduation

1864- June 13, Edmund O'Connor, Hartford, first American-born ordained at St. Bonaventure

1866- January 4, Small chapel near monastery started to be turned into a church

1867- Fr. Pamphilus recalled to Rome. 1st. President,1859-1867  

1867- April 18, Rev. John Timon died

1868- June, Chapel completed and dedicated to St. Bonaventure

1868- Diomede Cardinal Falconio-2nd president, 1867-1869, at 26 yrs.

1868- College expenses $13,322

1869- June 9, Campus church started by Fr. Pamfilo dedicated with niche for Blessed Virgin statue(1887)

1869- Fr. Falconio resigns

1869- Fr. Maximus Cassini 3rd president, 1869-1873

1871- Order of Friars Minor Incorporated April 17  

1872- 14 Faculty, 120 Students

1873- Rev. Theophilus d'Avigon, O.S.F. 4th President,1873-1874

1874- "The College Building" erected (now de la Roche) $10,000

1874- Fr. Charles Vissani-5th President, 1874-1877  

1874- College Library started with several hundred books

1874- A new college building distinct from seminary started.

1875- March 1, Provisional charter NY Educ. Dept  

1875-1905 Sister M. Josephine Meehan conducted a teacher training course at St. Elizabeth Academy at the Motherhouse.  Friars came from St. Bonaventure's College to conduct courses.

1876- College Building completed

1876- June 22, BA granted William Kenny (pg 171 First BV Men) later became Bishop of St. Augustine, Fla.

1876- November 15, Fr. Pamphilus died

1877- Fr. Leo D. Saracena appointed 6th President,1877-1880 (served in Civil War)

1880- Enrollment, 101 students

1880- December, First Choral group, St. Joseph's Glee Club

1880- Fr. Theophilus Pospisilik appointed 7th President,1880-1886

1881- Application for permanent charter  

1882- May 13, The property of St. Bonaventure College and Seminary was transferred from the St. Francis Missionary and Benevolent Society to the College

1882- First recorded baseball game with an outside team

1882- 200 Students enrolled

1883- January 11, Absolute charter granted

1883- Assets at time of Absolute Charter 200 acres of land valued at $30,000 Bldgs & furniture  $159,000

1883- March 1, First Athletic Society

1883- Mortuary chapel built in cemetery (torn down in 1966).  Replica of chapel on campus that burned in 1930.

1883- Robert Emmett Golden, famous journalist attended 1883-1886, later scholarship offered

1887- April 4 (BV), Alumni Hall built, $11,000  funds given by Alumni; Home of Library until 1938

1887- Statue of Blessed Virgin placed in niche on chapel through efforts of Fr. John Roser, donated by Third Order, Allegany

1887- First radio and silent movies in Alumni Hall

1887- Fr. Joseph Butler, OFM appointed 8th president,1887-1911

1888- College Alumni Association established

1888- June 18, Alumni Hall Blessed

1888- June, First Master of Arts degree , John Hewitt of Allegany

1891- Fr. Leo Saracena, OFM (6th former President) died

1891- Large addition to Monastery

1892- February 14, Monastery wing extended and blessed by Bishop Mullen of Erie  

1893- John McGraw entered St. Bonaventure as a student In the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, NY

1894- Hugh Jennings entered St. Bonaventure as a student In the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, NY

1894- James Dolan Literary Society formed

1897- Separated high school classical & science courses from college courses

1899- First indoor Baseball in Alumni Hall coaches-John McGraw, Hugh Jennings (They did not invent the bunt here, but may have created the "Baltimore Chop" in the basement of Alumni Hall.)

1899- Bonnies won WNY amateur Baseball Championship

1899- Skating pond built behind college for competitors

1899- June, 1st issue, Laurel founded by Fr. Paschal Robinson, OFM  

1899- Old College (now de la Roche) torn down New building started May 22

1900- Four sided Clock installed in Tower of "New" College Building

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