James A. "Shine" McLaughlin 1915 - 1921

McLaughlin came to St. Bonaventure from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York, where he had an outstanding athletic career. He played end for the Red Raiders. His coaching tenure lasted from 1915 to 1921. In his 7 years, Coach McLaughlin compiled a record of 13 wins, 22 losses and 6 tied ball games to end up with a .371 winning percentage. The lowest percentage of all the St. Bonaventure football coaches. The program was just starting and getting recruits wasn't easy. He did well to help the football program grow in its most crucial years. He also taught mathematics at the college. He stopped coaching in 1921 to maintain a focus on his teaching activities at the college.  "Shine" lived in Olean until he passed away in 1934. 

From McLaughlin's playbook


Alfred Carmont 1922 - 1923

Coach Carmont was the first alumni of St. Bonaventure to take the reins of the new football team. He coached for two years and had a record of 6 wins 10 losses and 1 tie game. He was one of Coach McLaughlin's many student assistant coaches. The promotion to head coach came in 1922.

Carmont coached basketball from 1920-1923.  His teams went 2-13 in 1920-21, but ended 12-10 in 1922 and 13-10 in 1923.


Glenn Carberry 1924 - 1925

Carberry was called in to help out the Bonaventure football program from Notre Dame in 1924. He also stayed two years and went 6-9-0 with a winning percentage of .400

Coach Carberry's basketball record was 6-4 for 1924, 13-11 in 1925, 15-6 in 1926.

Photo of 1925 team from Nov. 1925 Laurel
Carberry is under arrow.


Fred V. Ostergren 1926 - 1929

Coach Ostergren  arrived at St. Bonaventure in 1926 and went on to complete 13 wins 16 losses and 4 tied games.

Ostergren's basketball record was 14-7 in 1927-28.

Ostergren also coached baseball during his tenure at St. Bonaventure.


Carroll "Mike" Reilly 1930 - 1942

Mike Reilly was one of the most loved and respected coaches in the Bonaventure community to ever teach the game. He served as an assistant to Fred Ostergren and landed the head job in 1930. His 13 year tenure has a record of 44-44-7; the first coach to end with a .500 percentage or better. After coach Reilly passed away, the main athletic arena on St. Bonaventure's campus was fittingly named the Reilly Center after the legendary coach and great Bonaventure man.

Reilly's basketball record from 1928-1942 was 133-75, a .639 percentage!  Many on his basketball team were converted football players.  His undefeated team of 1937-38 had at least 10 football men.  (Wallace, "Mike")

1939(?) photo

Standing--Henry Buniski, John "Skip" Rucinski; Ted Stewart.  
Kneeling: ?, Coach Reilly, Camille Odorisio, John Latos, Andrew Mashlonik, Danny O'Donnell


Hugh Devore 1946 - 1949

The University of Notre Dame is the institution St. Bonaventure must give thanks to for letting coach Devore land in the re-established Bona football program. Coach Devore has the highest winning percentage of all who ever coached football at St. Bonaventure with a .735. 25 wins, 9 losses and one tied game was his coaching record here at St. Bonaventure. He also saw the creation of Forness Field. This picture was taken at Devore's introductory dinner as St. Bonaventure's coach.


Joseph Bach 1950 - 1951

The final years of the Bonaventure football team saw Coach Bach at its helm. Yet another Notre Dame defector, Bach ran up a 12-6 record in his two year stay. Here he is shown with Ted Marchibroda, and Jerry Hanifin.

  Coach Bach with quarterback Ted Marchibroda and halfback Jerry Hanifin

Wallace, Malcolm V. "Mike Reilly-a Bonaventure Man." The Bona Venture (4 Feb. 1972): 6.
Wallace, Malcolm V. Heroes of the Hardwood : The Saint Bonaventure Basketball Book. Unpublished typescript for basketball data.


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