In Favor of Freshman Rules

Below are some comments written in support of the Freshmen Rules. These appeared in the Bonaventure, or BV as it is hereafter referred to, the school newspaper.  They were written at various times when the Freshmen Rules were used.  Notice the continuous idea of "Bonaventure Man."

"The rules are just and fair."

                        Freshman Rules, BV, Oct. 19, 1928.

"Try to acquire generally manly habits and virtues"  

                         Message From President, BV, September 20, 1940

"Keep up the good work [sophomore class]."

"Makings of Bonaventure men."

"Thank you sophomore class for good work and school spirit"

                               Senate Chamber, J.S. Ryan, BV, Sept. 27, 1940

"Be Bonaventure Man and be able to take it"

"We are only trying to make men of you"

                  We the Sophs, Leo. A. Brownyard, BV, October 4, 1940


This is a picture of Freshmen being made into "Bonaventure Men" in Butler Gym.   Freshmen Folder, Saint Bonaventure Archives.


Frosh aren't high school seniors and heroes...they need to be taught their place.  They need to brush up on manners before they can participate in school activities.

                                      Kampus Kapers, BV, November 8, 1940

The Freshmen Rules are too lenient because the Frosh have lack of manhood to be college man.  They better start observing rules if they want to be members of the student body.

                 The Senate Chamber, J.S. Ryan, BV, November 8, 1940

"Why Frosh Rules?  Here's An Answer"

Help them feel like they belong

Become part of the "fellow"

Sophomore who use rules to inflate small ego are a minority, most are trying to be friends

"Anything that is worthwhile is not gained easily"

                                                                BV, September 29, 1950


"Are Rules Good?"

Yes, ridicule, but produce "Bonaventure Men"

Need the Bonaventure Spirit

Bold, strength, and correct

Physical punishment to produce discipline

                                                                  BV, November 7, 1952

This is the "physical punishment" used to "produce discipline as noted above.  Butler Gym, Hell Night.  Caption reads "Oh! My Ackin Back".  1947 yearbook, located on page before "Freshmen".

Purpose is to bind the freshmen close together

Refuse rules-receive paddle session, [see above picture] duck walking or pushups; solution is to remove physical punishment

Continue weekly workings to teach songs, cheers, and history

Don't get rid of the rules, revise them

                  "Let's Pick the Ball up and Start it Moving", Editorial, BV,   February 26, 1954

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