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The following handbooks and manuals can be found in the Saint Bonaventure University Archives, located in the basement of the Friedsam Memorial Library on the campus.  They are located in the file cabinet with the title "Manuals, Handbooks, Guides/Directories, Calendars and Prayer Books."  They are in the folder Student Handbooks, 1940-1977..

1940-41 Students' Handbook   

    pgs. 7, 26-27, 31-33

1941-42 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 7, 30-33

1946-47 Students' Manual

    pgs. 3, 13-17

1951-52 Students' Handbook of the University

    pgs. 5, 12-15

1955-56 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 5, 12-14, 

1956-57 Students' Handbook

    pgs 5, 14-16

1957-58 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 5, 14-16, 

1959-60 Coeds' Handbook

    pgs. 3-5, 14-16

1959-60 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 3-5, 15-17

1960-61 Coeds' Handbook

    pgs. 3-4, 14-16

1961-62 Coeds' Handbook

    pgs. 3, 14, 15

1962-63 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 14-15

1963-64 Students' Handbook

    pgs. 3, 14

1964-65 Students' Manual

    pgs. 3, 16, 17

1964-65 Coeds' Handbook

    pgs. 5, 6, 20

1965-66 Students' Manual

    pgs. 5, 10, 25

1966-67 Students' Manual

    pgs. 7, 11, 29


The pictures below have been divided by page.  The Bonadieu is the title of the yearbook, but is simply referred to as "Yearbook".  The "Freshmen Folder" is a folder entitled "Freshmen on Campus" and is located in the "Freshmen '87, Freshmen on Campus, Freshmen Convocation, and Freshmen Opening Ceremonies" box in the Saint Bonaventure University Archives.  Titles on pictures are my own.


    "Class picture", 1954 Yearbook, pg. 97

    "Three boys", Freshmen Folder


    "Dink and tie", Freshmen Folder

    "Sitting dinks", 1955 Yearbook, pg. 87

    "Tie inspection", 1959 Yearbook, pg. 116


    "Senator and boys", 1957 Yearbook, pg. 145

    "Class picture", 1954 Yearbook, pg. 97


    "Women with dinks and ties", Freshmen Folder

    "Dinks and tie with Friar", Freshmen Folder

    "Class picture with women", 1960 Yearbook, pg. 38

    "Group picture with dinks and ties", Freshmen Folder

Against Freshmen Rules

    "Freshmen Meeting", Freshmen Folder

    "Penny diving", 1959 Yearbook, pgs. 116-117

In Favor of Freshmen Rules

    "Laying Freshmen", Freshmen Folder

    "Beating", 1947 Yearbook, page before "Freshmen" section

Additional Information

    "Whole Group", 1960 Yearbook, pg. 90

    "Halting Hitting", Freshmen Folder

    "Taunting Sophomores", 1959 Yearbook, pg. 117

    "Burning dinks", 1955 Yearbook, pg. 81

    "Hell Nite", 1947 Yearbook, page before "Freshmen" section

    "Laying Muddy", Freshmen Folder

Bona Venture (BV) Articles and Yearbook Comments

Against Freshmen Rules

    We the Frosh, September 27, 1940

    Jack McMillen Writes Freshmen Rules Missing Target, Change Them!, October 10, 1952

    Rules Are a Hit, Reverend Richard F. Fitzgerald, October 24, 1952

For Freshmen Rules

    Message from the President, September 20, 1940

    Senate Chamber, J.S. Ryan, September 27, 1940

    We the Sophs, A. Brownyard, October 4, 1940

    Kampus Kapers, November 8, 1940

    Senate Chamber, J.S. Ryan, November 8, 1940

    Why Frosh Rules? Here's an Answer, September 29, 1950

    Are Rules Good, November 7, 1952

    Let's Pick the Ball Up and Start it Moving, February 26, 1954

Additional Information

    College Elects Officers for Student Senate. BV Oct. 3, 1930: 1.

    Freshmen Rules, BV Oct. 3, 1930: 5.

    Student Court Inaugurated to Enforce Freshmen Rules, BV October 18, 1940

    Short, Strict Hazing Period to Begin Wednesday Night, BV September 30, 1955

    McMahon, Tom. Editors' Soapbox BV Nov. 11, 1955: 2

    Jack McMillen Writes Freshmen Rules Missing Target, Change Them!, BV October 10, 1952

    Let's Pick the Ball Up and Start it MovingBV February 26, 1954

    Frosh Rules Program EliminatedBV May 25, 1962

   Shortened Rules Program Won't be Missed LongBV September 28, 1962

   Freshmen dump dinks BV Sept. 20, 1968: 3.

  Yearbooks (in "Additional Information" section

    1941 Yearbook, "Freshmen" section

    1942 Yearbook, page before "Senior" section

    1947 Yearbook, beginning of "Freshmen" section

    1941 Yearbook, "Class of '44" page

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                        Author and Acknowledgements


Beth McCarthy, the author, is a junior history major at Saint Bonaventure University and is from Syracuse New York.  She created this page for the "Computer and Archival Skills For Historians" class taught by Doctor Phillip Payne.  This is her first web-page and she hopes that you enjoyed it!

The author wished to acknowledge the following people for their help:

    -the archival staff for guiding me in the right direction in the archives

    -Dr. Payne for changing the syllabus for fitting my needs

    -Miss Ann Tenglund for putting up with my complaints and helping with the technical aspect of the web-page

    -my classmates, for offering suggestions and not killing me after all my complaints

    -Eric Talbot, for proof-reading it for me... if there are any mistakes, yell at him

    - and especially Alex Strong, fellow class mate, who helped me in nearly all aspects of the web-page

Thank You!!!

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