Oral History Project
R.O.T.C. Seneca Battalion

During the fall semester 2010 students in History 206 interviewed past and present members of the ROTC program.  This project will continue to grow over future semesters as new students interview ROTC participants from St. Bonaventure.

Project Description

This project was an exercise in oral history. Its purpose was to apply oral history methods to add to ROTC’s historical record in the St. Bonaventure archives.

The Alumni Office supplied a list of former members of the program; ROTC supplied a list of current participants.
During the Fall 2010 semester, each student was responsible for conducting a series of interviews with three current or past ROTC members. Each of the ROTC personnel were researched in the university archives prior to their interviews.
Displays highlighting the interviews were exhibited in the lobby of Friedsam Library.
During the Spring 2011 semester, the interviews were transcribed into text files.  These interviews, in all formats, will be stored as a source of information for the reference needs of researchers, to aid their understanding of the ROTC program at St. Bonaventure.
During the Spring 2011 semester this web site was created providing access to excerpts of the interviews that have already been conducted and to provide another avenue for the Seneca Battalion.

"Seneca Battalion" St. Bonaventure ROTC


ROTC Participants—

John Aicher class of 1952

Sunset Belinsky class of 1997

Thomas Brett class of 1964

Roberta Chang class of 1982

Nathan A. Christopher class of 2007

Timothy Condello class of 2010

Phillip J. Corrigan class of 2006

Elisha Darby class of 2012

Matthew DiRisio class of 2010

James DiRisio class of 1986

Robert Donlin class of 2010

Ed Downey class of 1977

Drew Fairbrother class of 2011

Paul Fraccalvieri class of 1989

Leo Frazier class of 2013

Michael Frisina class of 1977

Marguerite Garrison class of 1981

Terrance Hanlon class of 2012

Joe Hart class of 1991

John Haynes class of 1969

Sophia Imperioli class of 2014

Jared Kausner class of 2008

Richard J. Lapsley class of 1968

Sean Linehan class of 1985

John MacEnroe class of 1977

Scott Maginn class of 2010

Joshua Marino class of 2011

Christopher Nee class of 2012

Colin O’Donnell class of 2013

John O’Hara class of 1972

Bob Pastore class of 1968

Dave Pearson class of 2010

John Raleigh class of 2011

Norbert Rappl class of 1952

Frank Romano class of 1975

TJ Rosetti class of 2011

Brandon Sweeney class of 2010

Rick Trietley class of 1986

Patrick Walsh class of 1989

Anthony Watts class of 2014

Adam Wehrle class of 2004


These Oral History Project interviews shine a light on the ROTC experience at St. Bonaventure. The participants have chosen different paths in life yet share this common experience. Their core values and the lessons that were learned in the program can be seen through their statements.


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