Biology Department Timeline

1900 Biology emerges as a class at St. Bonaventure's College.
1915-1916 Pre-med classes are offered.  Also the Delta Kappa Mu club starts.
1923 Summer classes are offered in Biology.
1926-1927 Advanced Biology becomes an elective.
1927-1928 Biology now has its own department. James A. McLaughlin is the first biology department dean (chairman).
1933 In April, Lynch Hall is struck by lightning and completely gutted in the ensuing fire.
1934-1935 De La Roche Hall is constructed to replace Lynch Hall.
1937-1943 Dr. John Worden was department chair.
1948-1968 Dr. Kenneth Anderson was department chair.
1951 Ph.D. in Biology is now offered at St. Bonaventure.
1970-1975 Dr. Alfred Finocchio was department chair.
1974-1975 Biology majors can now choose to be a biology major, a microbiology major or a medical technology major.
1976-1979 Dr. Ronald Hartman was department chair.
1979 The decision was made to phase out the Ph. D. Program in Biology.
1979-1982 Dr. James White was department chair.
1981-1982 The major in microbiology is dropped.  Dr. Richard C. Bothner was awarded a $5,500 grant from the Endangered Species Division of The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, to study the endangered salamander, the Hellbender.
1982-1984 Dr. William L. Wissinger was department chair.
1983 Dr. Alfred Finocchio and his student Michael Kernan discovered a new species of fungus.  They named it Hymenoscyphus Monctropae.
1984-1988 Dr. Alfred Finocchio was department chair for the second time.
1988 The last Ph.D. in biology was granted to Salvatore Michael Passanese.
1990-1994 Dr. James White was department chair for the second time.
1992 Enrollment in the biology department increased from 44 students in 1989 to 287.
1993 Two new labs were added to make room for Biology 101.
1994 Dr. William Wissinger was department chair for the second time.
1995 Safety officer was hired to over see waste disposal.
1997-2000 Dr. Theodore Georgian was department chair.
1999 Clare 102 (Natural World) is offered.
2000-2005 Dr. John Kupinski was department chair.
2004-2006 Dr. Patty Parsley was department chair.
2006-2007 Fr. Peter Schneible was department chair.
2007-2008 Dr. Joel Benington was department chair.

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