Ph.D. Program

    According to The Bona Venture, 1951-1952 was the first time SBU offered a Doctorate of Philosophy in Biology.  This degree was designed to allow graduate students to study the basic concepts of the living world of both plants and animals.  The research program allowed graduate students to study specialized problems and also be trained in biological techniques.

      In January 1979, the Biology department made the decision to phase out the Ph.D. program for graduate students.  "We've had some problems with disagreements over this decision in the department," said Dr. James White. The decision was made for many different reasons.  One was that the department had a $5,000 grant a year, and that was not enough to fund more equipment for the Ph.D. program.  In 1988 the Ph.D. program granted its last Doctorate to Salvatore Michael Passenese.

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