Dr. Kenneth Ellsworth Anderson Time Line

1914 Kenneth E. Anderson, born in Ithaca, New York on December 21, 1914
1937-1938 Assistant Chemist & Bacteriologist with the New York Water Service Corp., NY City.
1941-1942 Graduate Assistant in Bacteriology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
1942-1946 Lieutenant (HS) USNR in U.S. Navy as a Commanding Officer U.S. Malaria Control Unit #8.  Mission: To contain and to stop the spread of the infection by purging the various breeding grounds of the mosquitoes that carried it, including areas in Morocco, Corsica, Italy, Philippine, Vieques, Puerto Rico. He was awarded the U.S. Navy Commendation for War Services.
1946 Bacteriologist, Genesee Brewing Company, Rochester, N.Y.
1946 Joined St. Bonaventure faculty as an Assistant Professor of Biology
1946-1980 Member of the Biology department
1947 Authored A Laboratory Manual of General Bacteriology, Exercises 1-56.
1948-1967 Chairman of the Biology Department
1949 Lecturer and Consultant at workshops on Integration in Catholic Colleges and Universities, The Curriculum of the Catholic College, Catholic University, Washington, D.C. 1949, 1950, 1951 avid advocate and lecturer on the benefits of Catholic Education.
1947-1964 Reinstated and editor of Science Studies, published for the purpose of reporting the results of research carried out by the faculty and the graduate students of the Division of Sciences of St. Bonaventure University.
1955 Certified Medical Technologist
1957 Hosted and chaired an International Symposium for the Centennial on Sulfate Reducing Bacteria.
1958 New York State Registry of Medical Technologists, 2nd Vice President.
1960s Involved in establishing, building, and sustaining Archbishop Walsh High School in Olean, NY.
1965 Gamma Kappa Chapter of Delta Epsilon Sigma, St. Bonaventure University, member Scholastic Honor Society for Catholic Colleges and Universities.
1966-1969 Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
1967/68 Charter member of Nicholas Devereux Association St. Bonaventure University.
1969-1974 Dean of the Graduate School
1970 Founded The Agnes Schickel Fellowship, St. Bonaventure University.
1972-1973 In Who's Who in America, (37th edition and continuing).
1972-1973 President of Western New York, American Society of Microbiologists.
1976 Creator and Director of the Medical Technology Program, St. Bonaventure University.
1980 Named Professor Emeritus
1980s Chairman of the Olean Sewer District Projects
1989 Published the Book Malaria, Mosquitoes, and Mayhem: A Personal Odyssey of U.S. Navy Malaria Control in WW II.
1995 Dr. Anderson Passed Away on December 1, 1995.

*Information Provided by Dr. Anderson's Daughter: Joan Anderson Cullen

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