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St. Bonaventure's History and People


History and Stories


St. Bonaventure University Timeline When was the first...?

The Arrival of the Friars    A short history of the University.

   History of St. Bonaventure An article by Father Irenaeus Herscher

    A Driving Tour of Franciscan Sites in Cattaraugus County    A pleasant Sunday drive.

1970 at St.Bonaventure. Check out the news and music of the year put together by W.Stephen Loughlin.

The Biology Department  Snakes in the moss

History of Theater at St. Bonaventure

St. Bonaventure and the military:
   S.A.T.C.    ROTC's predecessor on campus during WWI.

   R.O.T.C.    An Oral History project.

   World War II at SBU    Life at Bona's during and following the war.    Video!

   St. Bonaventure During the Vietnam War    An era of student action.


Women at St. Bonaventure

Alumni Tales    Stories of their days as Bona's students.

Brother Juniper    A comic strip character born in Friedsam Library.

Legends and Myths of St. Bonaventure    Ghosts in Dev? Mermaids in Quick?

COVID at SBU in 2020-



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