The Curious Truth:Ghosts and haunted mysteries of St. Bonaventure

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  Most universities are thought of in terms of the people on their campuses or the classes and activities they offer.  SBU is certainly home to all of these things, but it is also home to a variety of stories generated by people on campus and its history. Ghosts or spirits that are believed to be lurking about the buildings are a common topic, and other campus mysteries raise questions year after year.

    Not only do these stories provide amusement, but they provide a certain air or character that adds to the uniqueness of SBU and makes it more of a home for those working and studying here.  

    This site is not intended to present concrete stories about SBU, but to offer bits of its character that may give you a better understanding of the university.  

    The links on the left give you a piece of St. Bonaventure's unique personality by telling the ghost stories and describing the mysteries often recounted by students on campus. The links also provide some factual background information about events on campus that may have provoked such stories and rumors, and suggest some of the reasons why people may believe in ghosts and apparitions.    

This web site was created by Victoria Horton for History 210: Computer and Archival Skills for Historians in the Spring 2001 semester.  Any changes, other than minor editing, from her original work are noted.

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