The Symbols of St. Bonaventure University

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     The Athletic Symbols of St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure University has used three different mascots and numerous athletic symbols and names over the years. One consistent theme has been the brown and white colors that have marked the school.  In the earliest days of athletics, the teams were often called the "Brownies".  They were also called the "Alleganies" after the region the school is located in.  More recently the name "Bonnies" has stuck.  For generations the Brown Indian was the mascot of the University until recent politically correct times forced the school to move from that symbol to the Bona Fanatic. The move to the Bona Fanatic seemed to be a hasty leap and many of the school's alumni could not relate to something that was, to say the least, funny looking. The Bona Fanatic was quickly ousted and the Bona Wolf was chosen to be the next leader on and off the court. The links provided below give a more in depth look into the history of the Bonaventure mascot and the colors that have represented Saint Bonaventure since the foundation of the school. 

The Brown Indian

The Bona Fanatic

The Bona-Wolf 

Brown and White

Fight Songs and Cheers

Cheerleaders and more Mascots

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