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The Bona Venture, The Laurel,  and the Bonadieu have been used for background material in addition to the specific references noted below.

St. Bonaventure University Seal: 
The Seal of St. Bonaventure University (N.d.). Symbols Folder, University Archives.

St. Bonaventure Class Ring: 
Description of the Symbolism on the St. Bonaventure University Class Ring (N.d.).  Symbols Folder, University Archives

St. Bonaventure University Motto: 
Plassmann, Thomas, O.F.M., (President of Saint Bonaventure, 1920-1949). The Motto of St. Bonaventure University  (N.d.).   : Symbols Folder, University Archives.

The Bona Fanatic: 
Tascione, Elizabeth and Rob Tyrrell.  "Costume yields jeers, injuries." The Bona Venture (31 January 1997): 1.

The Brown Indian:
Greg Johnson. " 'Brown Indian' Name 'Always Respectful'." The Bona Venture (17 March 1972):1. 

"St. Bona U. makes its 'Brown Indian' logo more accurate." Evening Observer (24 Sept. 1991): N.p.

The Franciscan Friars and University Colors: 
Duns Scotus Debating Society. Minutes. Vol. 1 (29 April 1888):  373-374.

Interview with Brother David Haack, conducted September 24, 2003, by David Patt.

The Bona Wolf:
Inside Bona's (3 September 1998).


St. Bonaventure Seal: 
Slides Binder, Adam, Doyle Chapel Page.

Birch Lane Entrance:  
Friedsam Memorial Library Folder, University Archives. 

Brown Indian Black and White Photo: 
1969 Bonadieu, University Archives.

Bona Fanatic Photo: 
University Archives, negatives

Statue of St. Bonaventure Photo: 
Slides Binder

Brown Indian logo: 
University Archives, Special Collections, box 7, sport artifacts.   

Bibliography Page: 
SBU Logo, University page:

Home Page: 
Collage of photos made from Images used all though out web site.

Friars and Brown and White Page: 
Color Photo and Black and White photo from University Archives, Friars, Seminarians and Friar Group Photos Box, photographer unknown. 

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