From the Timeline:

1960- First women's basketball coach; Anita Handler (BV 2/17/78)

1962- Female cheerleaders come back permanently (see 1955).

1963- Helen Stevens, Bona's first female class president ended her term after four weeks.

1965- First Lay women faculty hired; Dr. Dorothy Simrall, Mrs. Pat Finocchio.

1965- (November) Shay-Loughlin Halls built.  Shay Hall was dedicated by request of Mary Shay as a women's dorm.


1967- First Ideal Bonaventure PERSON award given at commencement, to Robert Kane.

1968- St. Elizabeth's Teacher's College moves to St. Bonaventure campus, several Allegany Franciscan Sisters become full-time professors in the School of Education.

1969- (November) Women inducted into Sigma Delta Chi, the National Professional Journalism Society.

Women's Council:
Below are the Women's Council shirt patches for 1960-1961 and 1961-1962:

Women's Association:
Below are the ID cards for the St. Bonaventure Women's Association for 1962-1963 and 1964-1965.

    The Women's Association also sponsored lectures, below are pamphlets for three of the sponsored lectures: 


Visions from the Bonadieu

Women's Association, 1962 Women's Council, 1962
1962 1962
Off Campus Club, 1962 Theater Club, 1962
1968 The Bonadieu, 1968
The Bona Venture, 1968 The Laurel, 1968
The Radio Station, WOFM, 1968 Theater Club, 1968
Graduation, 1968 The Brown Indian and the Brown Squaw, 1968
Band, 1968 Sociology Club, 1968
Women's Council, 1968 1968



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