1980- Collins Hall houses 17 women transfer students

1981- (March) Third floor of Devereux Hall is used for women students' housing, second floor of Devereux Hall is for male student's housing.

1986- Lady Bonnies Basketball becomes Division I.

1986- (April) Mary Jane Telford is appointed coach of the Lady Bonnies.

1993- Marty Whitmore is named coach of the Lady Bonnies

1993- Sr. Alice Gallin is named interim President of the University

1993- Women's Studies Curriculum expected. BV (1993-11-2)

1999- (April) Sr. Margaret Carney named Franciscan Institute Director.

2001- Community and Franciscan Sisters start Canticle Farm in Allegany, NY.

2004 (June) to 2016 (July) Sr. Margaret Carney, OSF, STD, President of the University.

Visions from the Bonadieu

1989 SGA, 1989
The Bonadieu, 1992 The Bona Venture,1992
SGA, 1992 Women's Council, 1992
1992 Off Campus, 1992
The Radio Station, The BUZZ, 2004 The Bona Venture, 2004
SGA, 2004 Journalism students, 2004
The class of 2004's vice-president at graduation Devereux Hall arch, 2004
Woman of Promise Award, 2004 Women in Leadership at SBU, 2004



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