Early St. Bonaventure Women



From the Timeline:

1859- Sisters of St. Francis started in Allegany by Fr. Pamphilus.

1875-1905- Sr. M. Josephine Meehan conducted a teacher training course at the St. Elizabeth Academy, which was at the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse.  Friars came from St. Bonaventure to conduct courses.

1917- Sisters of St. Joseph begin cooking for St. Bonaventure.

1921- First summer session, this session was informal and probably included some women

1922- Summer sessions held marked the beginning of women's education at St. Bonaventure.

1922 (Fall)- Extension program organized for teachers in service at St. Elizabeth's Academy.

1922- Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception arrive at St. Bonaventure.

1923- First degrees granted to women; Colleta Felt, Elizabeth Herzog, Irene McCaffery, and Grace O'Donnell. (Angelo p. 117)

1925- First MA with major in Education was granted to Sr. M. Irene Crandall and Mrs. Mary Keating.

1925- First women graduates who completed their entire college curriculum at St. Bonaventure; Adelaide Clare, Emma Edel, Mary Gill, Anabelle Maher, and Cecilia Nenno.  These women received their degrees during the commencement exercises at St. Elizabeth's Academy. (Angelo p. 118)

1930- First PhD conferred; Sr. M. Pauline Smyth, SSJ.

1936- First honorary degree conferred on Rev. Mother Dominica Enright, OSF, St. Elizabeth's Motherhouse

1939- Sacred Science program begins.


Visions from the Laurel Annual

Spanish Sisters, 1922

Graduates of 1929






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