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1896 and 1900 Elections

The 1896 and 1900 elections belonged to William McKinley (R). In the 1896 elections, McKinley and running mate, Garret Hobart, ran against William Jennings Bryan (D) and his running mate, Arthur Sewall. In 1900, McKinley had a new running mate, and future president, Theodore Roosevelt. They ran against William Jennings Bryan and his running mate, Adlai E. Stevenson.


A presidential campaign pin for William McKinley from either 1896 or 1900.            


A McKinley  pin from 1896 or 1900. An inscription reads, "The McKinley League, State of New York."


A McKinley (left) and Garret Hobart (right)  pin from 1896. At the top, an inscription reads, "McKinley and Hobart."


A pin for McKinley (left) and Theodore Roosevelt (right)  from 1900.


A pin for  McKinley (left) and Roosevelt (right) from 1900.


A memorial button, distributed after his assassination in 1901 for William M. McKinley.

Presidential button for William J. Bryan. Button could be from 1896, 1900, or 1908.


Presidential button for Bryan (left) and Adlai Stevenson  (right) from 1900. Manufactured by W.F. Miller and Co. in New York, NY.



1904 Election

After the death of William M. McKinley in 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became president. From September 14, 1901 to March 4, 1904, Theodore Roosevelt (R) served his first term as president without a vice president. In the 1904 election, Roosevelt ran for his second term with running mate, Charles W. Fairbanks. They ran against Alton W. Parker (D) and his running mate, Henry G. Davis.


Presidential button for Theodore Roosevelt from 1904. Manufactured by Whitehead and Hoag Co in Newark, NJ.


A Theodore Roosevelt pin. Manufactured by Whitehead and Hoag Co in Newark, NJ.


A Theodore Roosevelt (left) and Charles W. Fairbanks (right) pin from 1904.

A pin of Roosevelt (left) and Fairbanks (right)  from 1904.


A pin for Roosevelt (left) and Fairbanks (right) from 1904. Manufactured by F.F. Pulver Buttons and Badges in Rochester, NY.

A presidential button for Alton B. Parker from 1904.


A presidential button of Parker (left) and Henry G. Davis (right) from 1904.  In the lower center portion of the button, an inscription reads, "Parker and Davis 1904."


A Parker (left) and Davis (right) pin from 1904. Manufactured by Whitehead and Hoag Co. in Newark, NJ.  Underneath the photograph of Parker an inscription reads, "Alton B. Parker, H.G. Davis."



1908 Election

In the 1908 presidential election William Jennings Bryan (D) ran again, but with a new vice president running mate, John W. Kern. They ran against William Howard Taft (R) and his running mate, James S. Sherman. Ultimately, William Howard Taft would win the election and became the 27th president of the United States. This election also marked the last time Bryan ever ran for office.


A presidential button of William A. Taft from 1912. Manufactured by Bastian Bros Co. in Rochester, NY. An inscription reads, "For president, Wm. H. Taft."


A William J. Bryan (left) and John Kern (right) pin from 1908. Manufactured by Whitehead and Hoag Co. in Newark, NJ. An inscription reads, "Bryan and Kern."

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