Builders of the Friedsam Collection

A History of the People, Important to Building the Collection of Friedsam Memorial Library



Michael Friedsam

Herscher, O.F.M.

William Farley

Hugh A. Grant

List of library directors

Joachim Guerrini, O.F.M.

T. Edward & Tullah Hanley

Joe Kotcka

Samuel J. Lasser

 Al H. Nothem

Archives Albert O'Brien, O.F.M. Dorothy Godfrey Wayman     Notes

Library Directors

The librarians who served before Fr. Albert were friars who performed the job along with many other duties and they were not always listed in the college catalog as "librarian".  We're not sure of all of their dates of service and may have missed one, or two, along the way.

1860-1865--Joachim Guerrini, O.F.M.

1865-1886--Arcadius Mogyorosi, O.F.M.

1886-1903--Alexander Hickey, O.F.M.

1903-? --Philip Waldman, O.F.M.

1912-? --James Keenan, O.F.M.

1918-? --David Baier, O.F.M.

1924-1937--Albert O'Brien. O.F.M.  Introduced the Dewey Decimal system, created a card catalog.

1937-1971--Irenaeus Herscher, O.F.M., 1st director of Friedsam Library, 6/1935 listed as “College Librarian”.

1971-1993--John Macik

1993-        --Paul Spaeth


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