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The Laurel

 The Laurel was the first student publication at St. Bonaventure College, appearing in June 1899.  The Laurel served as a literary magazine and college newspaper.  Founded by the students of the college, and under the direction of Father Paschal Robinson, O.F.M, it flourished exceedingly well.  The purpose of The Laurel was stated in the first issue: “It’s object to aim students in their literary labors and to chronicle the news of the college” (Laurel I.1, June 1899). The first editor of The Laurel was Jeremiah Cavanaugh, Class of 1900.  The first business manager noted was Lawrence Fell, class of 1899.

In 1922 the first printing press was installed on campus in Alumni Hall.  This enabled the November issue of The Laurel to be printed on campus for the first time. Ten years later, The Laurel went from literary magazine and college newspaper to exclusively literary articles and art.  It has included essays as well as fiction, poetry and art, becoming the outlet for creative students which is still seen today.  It was during this time that The St. Bona Venture took over exclusive responsibility for the publication of news of St. Bonaventure. For the first two years, The Laurel was published quarterly. Since that time, it has been published monthly, or, most recently, one issue a semester or academic year. 

The name The Laurel was given to the magazine to remind students of the efforts made by the Greeks and Romans to secure the laurel wreath, the emblem of victory.
This picture shows a recent issue of The Laurel printed in Fall 2001. Currently, The Laurel is a creative outlet for students who submit poems, short stories, paintings and drawings. It is known throughout the school as the creative magazine of St. Bonaventure University.

The Laurel, vol. 1, no. 1