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The Bonadieu was first published by the senior class in 1928 and was called The Laurel Annual. The Laurel Annual included 101 pages dedicated to St. Bonaventure's College. In the first edition of The Laurel Annual, a forward was printed which read, "The Laurel Annual, the first successful endeavor of a senior class to publish a yearbook has established a precedent for our successors. We have tried to record all our undergraduate activities from our enrollment as freshman till we passed from the sacred portals of St. Bonaventure's College as alumni." It was published until 1934.


The first editor-in-chief of The Laurel Annual was William Le Strange, Jr. Its contents consisted of  Administration, Classes, Organizations, Athletics, patrons. 


On January 14, 1958 Robert T. Haenn, co-editor of The Bonadieu wrote a letter to the Very Reverend Father of St. Bonaventure University claiming the annual message to the graduating class, in whose honor the book is published, as the most important feature of The Bonadieu. These messages continued to be used in each issue of the Bonadieu.

The Bonadieu was published from 1936-38, 1940-43, 1947-2014.

The Bonastu

In 1944, St. Bonaventure published The Bonastu. During WWII, most student publications were curtailed because of wartime constraints.  The Bonastu provided the ASTP, the Army Specialized Training Program with its own yearbook. The Bonastu included officers, cadre and nine sections of ASTP trainees. The Bonastu also contained the history of the ASTP, activities, scenes of campus, a letter from the Secretary of War in Washington, D.C. written to each ASTP trainee, and advertisements from local companies.   

This picture shows three officers. 

Pictured at the top is Capt. John E. Wurst, Commandant. To the left is Capt. Donald F. Smith, Company Commander, and to the right is Lt. William C. Davis, Adjutant.

This picture is the first of nine ASTP sections. Each section had a page dedicated to their portrait. 


Today, The Bonadieu was a student run organization that produced a yearbook for each graduating class. The yearbook covered the entire school year including Commencement, Senior Week, Spring Weekend, and all athletic events. Seniors received an issue of The Bonadieu shortly after graduation.