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Paschal Robinson,  O.F.M.


n    The Laurel was founded by Paschal Robinson, O.F.M. Born in Ireland on April 26,1870, he came to the United State where he joined the Franciscan Province of the Holy Name in 1896. 

    As a young man, Robinson became known in journalistic circles as the London Correspondent for the New York Sun. At 22 he became the Associate Editor of the North American Review.  This was an outstanding literary vehicle of the time, although he did not find satisfaction with this lifestyle.  In 1895 he entered Holy Cross College in Worcester, Mass. as a preliminary step towards priestly studies.  The following year he received the Franciscan Habit at St. Bonaventure's College and Seminary.

    At St. Bonaventure's College, he established the first student publication which appeared in June 1899. In establishing The Laurel, Robinson hoped to aid students in their literary labors and to chronicle the news of the college.

     Robinson moved on in 1913 to become a renowned professor of medieval history at The Catholic University of America.  He held the post until he was appointed to the diplomatic service of the Holy See in 1919.