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These photos have all been taken from the St. Bonaventure University Archives. Each caption goes with the photo above it. If the identity of anyone in the photos is known please contact the St. Bonaventure Archives at

The 3217 SCSU march down the streets of downtown Olean during a 1943 Fourth of July celebration.

Cadets gather for a photo in the court yard of Devereux Hall


Cadets stop for a photo during a training exercise.


Morning formations in the courtyard of  Devereux Hall



A cadet poses during an air raid drill which required the trainees to wear their gas masks.


Two trainees pose on the steps outside Devereux Hall 


A group of trainees take a rest after physical training.

Two trainees become bold and take a picture on the lawn in front of Devereux Hall


Trainees learning the art of Artillery firing and reloading.


Post war at Diaper Row.


A group photo on  Diaper Row..



Diaper Row


Diaper Row

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