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Varsity Athletics at Bona’s*

Links on this pages lead to pages in the historical area of the archives' web site. For current statistics and information, please check out the GoBonnies site.


Baseball—1889-1916, 1920-1932, 1950-current


Basketball, Men—1916, 1919-current 


Basketball, Women—1971-current




Cross Country, Men—1925-29, 1947-48, 1950, 1955-current


Cross Country, Women—1989-current




Field Hockey—1974-1989


Football—1915-17, 1919-1942, 1946-1951


Golf—1934-1942, 1946-current




Lacrosse, Men—1989-1993, 2018-


Lacrosse, Women—2000-current


Rifle Team—1947 (BV, 3/28/1947, 5) -1983


Rugby, Men—2017-


Soccer, Men—1961-current


Soccer, Women—1981-current




Swimming, Men—1940, 1948-50, 1960-current


Swimming, Women—1972-current


Tennis, Men—1934-6, 1940, 1949-current


Tennis, Women—1974-current


Track, Men—1926-29, 1933, 1937, 1941, 1948-53, 1968-90, 2017-


Track, Women—2017-




*Many sports started and/or continued as club teams.  Those dates are not included here, though some are noted on the sport's individual web pages. As always, any updates or corrections are welcome.


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