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Night Drop

This page contains information about St. Bonaventure University's archival holdings of Marshall's book, Night Drop, as well as reviews.

Story Description:
American 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions parachute Invasion of Normandy, landing at Utah Beach, and their battle against the Germans. (Book Jacket)



Night Drop (typescript index)
22 p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

Thick, white pages with black fingerprint smudge marks and horizontal fold in middle.  Editorial corrections in blue ink, pencil, and red and purple colored pencils, mainly concerning layout of page.  Typed number with period following in top upper right-hand corner above text.   First page has "Index" in center of page in blue ink with hand-written border underneath; also has "Marshall-Night Drop" in upper left-hand corner in red pencil.  First page also contains notes about layout of index, and note about border/head to have underneath "Index".  Last page is "Insertion to Marshall NIGHT DROP index", with one entry; "inserted 12/18/61" in purple ink appears next to text.


Night Drop (typescript opening pages, map list, prologue and epilogue)
13 p; 21.5cmX28cm

7 p.
Physical Description:
Thin, transparent, white onion skin paper with three horizontal folds: one in center of page and one about 4.5cm above and below that.  Numerous editorial corrections in pencil, read colored pencil, red pen, and a turquoise marker (?).  Page numbers appear in upper left-hand corner above text, between two hyphens (ex: -1-) and run from 1-7.  First page has piece of tape attached, with "Preface by Carl Sandburg" centered.  Preface contains a few extracts from books and letters.

Prologue and Map Listing
4 p.
Physical Description:
White, thick paper with horizontal line in middle of page; first map page has dark discolorations along margins.  Editorial corrections in pencil, red pen, and red and orange colored pencil.  First map page has Figure # and Chapter # along left-hand side, crossed out, and typed: "S.L.A. Marshall: NIGHT DROP, 10/16/61" and "Revised List of Maps" along top of page; map comment crossed out.  Second map page contains typed -2- in center, circled in red and 2 in upper top right-hand corner in red pencil, circled.  First prologue page has "Prologue" typed in center, and "S.L.A. Marshall-Night Drop" in red pencil.  Second prologue page has 2 in red pencil, circled, in upper right-hand corner.  Notes about headings of pages and where pages appear in book on top of prologue and map listings pages.

3 p.
Physical Description:
Blue paper with horizontal fold in middle, right side of pages frayed. Minimal editorial corrections black ink, pencil, red pencil and red ink.   First page contains "S.L.A. Marshall-Night Drop" in red pencil in upper right-hand corner, "Right hand page" written in red ink in center, and typed "Epilogue" with black pen line underneath.  "To be inserted at end of galley 135" in red pencil, circled, in upper right-hand corner of first page.  Other pages numbered two and three in red pencil, circled, in upper right-hand corner.

Night Drop (typescript: book)
440p.; 21.5x28cm

Physical Description:

White paper in good condition; first page in poor condition: smudge marks, discoloration, fraying, creases.  Editorial corrections in pencil, red colored pencil, red pen, and red and green marker.  Corrections about layout and text corrections, and appear in different handwritings.  Blue stamped number appears in upper right-hand corner of all pages above text; numbers range from 1-439, plus unnumbered intro page.  Title of chapter and respective number page is in chapter at top of each page, circled in red colored pencil.  Circled questions in red colored pencil appear along margins.  Some pages contain g. followed by a number.  Certain pages have text taped on over other text.  Book one and two (sections of book) have cover page with title of "book" and quote from the first book of Samuel (biblical).



Reviews are listed in alphabetical order according to title of publication; year of publication on all is 1962. 

Atlantic. 209 (April) 161. Phoebe Adams

Booklist. 58 (15 April) 559

Foreign Affairs. 41 (October ) 226

Guardian. (23 November) 6. David Rees 

Kirkus. 30 (1 January) 48

Library Journal. 87 (15 March) 1130. G.A. Cevasco

New York Herald Tribune Books. (11 March) 11. G.A. Craig 

New York Times Book Review. (25 March) 7. John Toland 

New Yorker. 38 (14 April) 182. Bruce Bliven

San Francisco Chronicle. (3 April) 33. Jack Fosie

Saturday Review. 45 (7 July ) 31. Quentin  Reynolds

Springfield Republican. (1 April) 4D

Time. 79 (30 March) 87

Times London Literary Supplement. (7 December) 959


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